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Guide: You can start with any of these Professional Writing Career

In today’s modern world, everyone is a writer. You complete homework and lecture assignments, research papers, lab reports or provide post-mortem feedback, type up Sending minutes, memos, emails, greeting cards during special occasions. A lot of typing and hashtagging is done there on social media alone. If you do that, how can you not be a writer

But everyday writing is very different from professional writing. If you want to make a living as a writer (that means putting food on the table every day by writing), know that professional writers are in high demand in almost every area.

In this article we will go shed some light on some of the most common types of professional writing and how easy (or difficult) it is for you to start writing careers in each of these types.

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# 1: Academic Writing

Academic writing is one of the fastest emerging forms of professional writing. it involves writing scientific ideas and research in a simple, understandable and authentic way.

Most academic writing jobs are online and are for freelancers, and that includes freelance job portals full of academic writing assignments

It’s important to know there is little or no room for creativity in it, and academic writers should follow some specific writing styles and layout (e.g. the famous APA style) and usage academic rhetoric in their writings.

An academic writer’s responsibilities spread across tasks such as compiling research from textbooks and magazines, etc., and to shape that research into a complete report. They are also mandatory compile summaries of various essays, dissertations and research, which can thus help the client as a basis for their own research.

In addition to writing, academic writers may also be required editing or proofreading already composed academic assignments, researches or dissertations.

To know more about academic writing and useful tips, see Good academic writing and writing for an academic journal: 10 tips – The Guardian

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# 2: Business writing

Emails, memos and notices are some of the things that fall under the umbrella of informal or casual business writing

However, professional business writing, also known as business communication, involves a variety of elements including; business plans, business models, project proposals project reports, brand manifestos, business letters, presentations and marketing campaigns etc.

formal writing

Every year, hundreds of freelancers and employees are hired or contracted on site to perform tasks related to business writing and communication in both large and small organizations.

In addition to business communication at the organizational level, business writing also focuses on communication at a personal level. For example, writing CVs, application letters, experience letters or letters of recommendation, etc. for the clients.

For more information and know-how, visit the best business writing websites and help yourself with the various information.

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# 3: Creative writing

Creative writing is perhaps the most interesting and diverse form of professional writing. It transcends the boundaries of all other forms of professional writing allowing the writer to play with his inner creativity, originality and innovation

creative writing

Another differentiator is that while other types of writing are objective and fact-based, creative writing is usually subjective to the expression of the writer’s inner thoughts, feelings and opinions

Creative writing is such a huge field that it has its own sub-branches:

Writing Literature (fiction and non-fiction) Screenwriting Dramatic writing Poetry Comic books Autobiographies

Journalistic writing is also often considered part of creative writing, especially when it comes to newspapers Article, features and opinion pieces

Still, it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of spunk, and often a willingness to take major financial risks to make it in the creative writing field. As Harper Lee once said, “I would recommend to anyone aspiring to a writing career that before developing his talent, it would be wise to develop thick skin.”

Certain helpful resources such as Writer’s Digest, Writing Forward, and Writer’s Relief can help you hone your creative writing skills.

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# 4: Technical writing

Technical writing comes into play when a description, instruction, or explanation of a particular topic is required. The basic goal is to simplify complex operations or technical details before understandable to an ordinary man

Although technical writing is basically about creating manuals, product catalogs and how-to guides for devices and software, however, it goes further and covers any area or industry where complex ideas, concepts, processes or procedures need to be communicated in simple language.

technical writing

Most product manufacturers, service companies, and software companies have a technical communications department or seek a freelance technical writer. If you are sensible in a particular field and have a good grip on writing skills, technical writing could be an interesting option for you.

To know more about technical writing, its scope and useful tips check out Tech Whirl and I’d rather write.

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# 5: copy / write content

Like creative writing, text / content writing is one of the most branched forms of professional writing.

Copywriting or content writing are two overlapping concepts which are similar in terms of their basic theme ie promote and teachThe elements related to writing text / content are advertisements, marketing and promotional materials, website writing up and blog articles etc.

copy content writing

All freelancers and on-site job portals are inundated with copy / content writing jobs. An amalgamation of creativity, language skills and general knowledge can guarantee a thriving career in writing texts / content.

Check out some helpful content writing Tips and copywriting Tips and Tricks to get some more useful insight.

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For a better understanding of the topic, I will rate all professional writing types listed in terms of difficulty on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 is the least difficult and 5 is the most difficult)

Academic writing – 3 (moderately difficult) Business writing – 3 (moderately difficult) Creative writing – 5 (most difficult) Technical writing – 3 (moderately difficult) Content writing / Copywriting – 4 (quite difficult)

Academic writing, business writing, and technical writing have been rated as moderately difficult because they are almost always accompanied by one set pattern or writing style with virtually fixed rules (such as quotes, jargons and layout etc.). Hence, it is easier for a beginner to hone these craft by staying within these limits.

Also as there is not much room for creativity and flowery sentences, and anyone with a relatively good grip on the language it can master.

For some, however, the difficult part is the limits. One has to work with a certain word limit, keep the message simple, understandable and effective and never mess with the facts, figures and statistics.

Creative writing is rated the most difficult due to the expanse of the canvas. I personally feel much more comfortable if my imagination goes in any direction, but for the newbies it often gets difficult to focus their imaginations and use it to produce great results

Professional creative writing also requires a strong grip on the language.

The rating for writing text / content is at the “quite difficult” level because, in my opinion, an amalgamation of creativity and boundariesFor example, in copywriting, what can be explained in a thousand words must be written in a single sentence or even a few sentences words (taglines and slogans etc.).

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Finding writing

Finding work in the writing field was once considered quite difficult. However, in the age of internet technology, there are hundreds of possibilities online. All you need to know is where you can find one that works best for you

Online freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer etc. are full of professional writing projects in all five types of writing. Such online portals are reliable and can be a good starting point for beginners.

In terms of offline jobs, there are also significant good opportunities. Almost all service or manufacturing industries have a separate one corporate communication department where technical writers or business writers are required.

Likewise, copy / content writers can find good jobs in advertising agencies, media houses or web development companies

As for creative writing jobs, the spectrum of opportunities is as versatile as the field itself. For example, you can watch journalistic writing assignments write opinion columns or features for newspapersLikewise, script or screenwriters can seek employment with television or radio channels

I personally believe that beginners in the field of creative writing should start their career study time, to learn the most of the trade.

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Writing yourself may seem easy. After all, we’ve been doing it since we were toddlers. Moreover, no other profession offers more career opportunities than writing. But actually developing a writing career is easier said than done

Each type of writing requires its own talents and skills, but it is up it is up to you to decide which field suits you best based on your own interest and your specific strength. The point to remember is that no matter what profession you choose, never stop learning

As Hemingway said, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

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