You Should Ignore These Writing Advices

You Should Ignore These Writing Advices

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Guide: You Should Ignore These Writing Advices

Whether writing is your business or whether you need to write for your business, it ultimately comes down to: you must write well to get your message across effectivelyIf you keep a business blog, write web copy or even tweet, you should know this how to good writing – and to write well you have to practice the profession.

Just as there is popular blogging, social networking, and freelance advice that don’t always work, there is also popular writing advice that may not work for you. If you want to become a better writer, you will come across this popular writing advice.

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1. Write every day

Writers swear by this advice. They say it improves their skills and helps avoid writer’s block. Even Stephen King writes for 4 hours every morning without fail.

But here’s the thing, unless you are a writer by trade and make money off your own words having to write every day is unrealisticYou have to run a business and it just isn’t possible to write every day for the sole purpose of getting good at it.

Even if you do, I can guarantee that you think about the 101 other things that need your attention and will have a hard time concentrating.

Another reason this advice doesn’t work is that writing every day doesn’t improve skills as much as we’d like to think. Think about it, you just write every day what if it’s not your writing, but your grammar that’s weak? You keep writing grammatically incorrect things every day.

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How to make it work for you

Identify the problem with your writing. Is it grammar, writing structure or not knowing a certain writing style? Instead of writing every day, learn what you need and practice it in your daily communication.

If you’re just making it a habit to write and improve the flow of your work, focus on all the writing you do during the day. Emails, Facebook and Twitter updates, blog comments, forum and blog posts, etc. are all areas for you to practice.

You probably write on these media anyway; treat them as your writing practice.

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2. Write as you speak

This sounds like brilliant advice until you realize that writing the way you talk is actually unintentionally bad advice. Confused? Most of us ‘Hmm’ and ‘Um’ a lot in our speech. We also tend to repeat ourselves often, trying to get our point across. Then there are our pet phrases, things we say a lot, a lot. These are all murder for the written word.

The other reason why this advice doesn’t work is this: How many of us actually communicate verbally?

When you speak, you have plenty of ways you can say the same thing to convince the listener. But you only have one chance to connect with your potential customers and audience through your writing. You can’t afford to screw it up up

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How to make it work for you

The main idea to forgo this advice is that your writing should ‘sound’ like you are talking. It must have your personality. An easy way to do this is through listen to yourself talkPay attention to what you say. Listen to your own voice. You can even record and play back your conversation to see what words and phrases you use the most. Is your tone casual or formal?

Once you know what you sound like when you are talking, it will be easier to translate that into our writing. Instead of saying, “Do I understand what I mean?” after every few sentences, just write that sentence at a point in your writing where it will have the most impact.

Know what I mean?

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3. Write as if no one will read it

I’ve always felt like this advice was originally from a die-hard bathroom singer. And just as bathroom singing is usually the code for out of tune singing, it’s the same for writing. Writing as no one will read it is not accountable to the writer

If no one is going to read it, who are you writing for? It’s so easy to get off the topic or lose track of the reason you were writing when you think no one will read it. So now, instead of your writing being clear and structured, you have given yourself the freedom to write wherever your thoughts take you.

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How to make it work for you

There’s no denying that, when implemented properly, this is powerful advice. Here’s my amendment to it: Write as if no one will read it, but edit it with your dream client in mind. The thought of editing this piece later is all the accountability you need.

Even if you give yourself permission to write as if no one is reading it, you subconsciously think, ‘Hey, I’m going to edit it, so I stick to the subject as much as possible to avoid elaborate editing.

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4. Write down what you know

If writing what you know was all it took to write well, the copy of your business website would have turned into sales like hot cakes. unfortunately knowing your topic is not a guarantee of writing well. You may know the ins and outs of your product or service, but are you communicating them effectively?

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How to make it work for you:

You’ve probably heard copywriters say that to convert a copy, you need to talk about benefits instead of featuresWill your product or service save them time? Will it ease their pain or suffering? How will it make their lives easier?

If you don’t know the answer to this, please include your features in a column and then think how each feature improves the life of your audience / reader / customer. Think about how your writing will make your audience feel and write accordingly.

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Avoid jargon and strange expressions

Writers are advised to avoid using jargon and strange expressions, assuming that not everyone knows what they mean and you risk sounding like a snob. That’s true, but if you write in a language that is too simple, you risk making your reader feel like a 5-year-old. And let’s be honest: sometimes ‘Cest la vie’ is a lot more effective than ‘That’s life’.

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How to make it work for you

Know your audience. If you’re writing for industry experts, it doesn’t hurt to use jargon. If you don’t want to alienate some readers, add a little explanation of the word in parentheses the first time you use it. The same goes for strange expressions.

If you’re writing for an audience based on their geography, use at least some commonly used ones words and sentences from their language. It will help connect with them.

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If you are trading based on written advice, make sure it works for you. Otherwise, you’re wasting valuable time and energy, not to mention frustration!

At the end of the day, it’s not about what kind of writing boosts your website or blog. It is about what kind of writing works for youEver tried to write advice that didn’t work for you?

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