How To Discover any Phone Number Online

How to find someone Phone Number online

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Guide: How To Discover any Phone Number Online

Younger readers will no longer remember this, but there was a time when they found someone’s phone song was extremely simple. There was only one phone company, and no one had a cell phones – landlines only. Every year, the phone The company would print a huge book with all the numbers in an area – in a big city like New York it would be one book for each part of the city – and each person and company was listed in the book. Every household and business received a free copy of the book delivered to the door. You could choose not to be on the list and a few people did, but for the most part everyone was in the book.

As we all know, the world has changed a lot since then. There still are phone books, but they’re only for business numbers, and most people just throw them away; Google is easier to use out there on our phones, and is updated every second of every day, not just once a year. The downside to this, however, is that finding someone’s phone number has become considerably more difficult. We tend to pass on our numbers sparingly, because anyone who has our number can always call us (and often). But there are often times when we really need the number of a stranger (or even a friend whose number we’ve lost) and without a central list of numbers, this can be tricky.

However, it is not impossible. In this article, I’ll show you several great techniques for finding someone’s phone number online.

Find one phone number online

The approach you take to find someone’s number depends on the relationship you have with that person. The closer and / or friendlier the relationship is, the easier it will be to get the number. If you’re looking for a number for your best friend since elementary school, your search is trivial: literally contact someone in your circle of friends and family and say, “Hey, I lost Bill’s cell number, what is that?” and they will hand it over right away. If you’re a bounty hunter looking for a number for the number of the man you’re trying to track down and hand it over to the authorities, you may find people a little less cooperative.

Internet search engine

Start with Google or Bing. Search engines don’t forget anything, and there are many phone numbers that are just there in the indexes. Try variations on a person’s name; “Bob Jones” may go by Bob in everyday life, but use “Robert” online, or vice versa. Another tip: try to look for their old ones phone number if you have it. If you know their employer, you can probably find a work number that you can get a personal number from if it is a friendly search. In fact, try to search for anything that refers to that person.

Reverse image lookup

If you have a photo of the person whose number you are looking for, you can look up an image in reverse order to identify this person and possibly provide current contact information. Go to Google Image Search, upload the image and add ‘& imgtype = face’ to the end of the search string. This is more useful if the person you are looking for is or was active online. Links to the different places where that person can be found can follow.

People finder websites

There are a number of websites that make a living by providing personal (but technically public) information about people online, usually for a fee. If you’re looking for a lot of songs, then a premium subscription to one of these services is well worth the investment as they usually do a pretty good job and typing one name is a lot easier than doing extensive searching yourself. Some services offer cheap one-time searches, while others are expensive from the start. Each service has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the most popular search sites are Instant Checkmate, Spokeo, PeopleFinders, and Intelius. Because you are just looking for one phone number, not necessarily a full background report, you can even get that information for free from some of these sites in the “teaser” results they provide for free.

Social media

Social media is a data harvester’s dream and the biggest data harvesters are of course the platforms themselves. Even if you’ve closed your account or don’t put a lot of information on it, you would be amazed how much is available. Use the major networks Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Snapchat may not be of much use as it’s a newer network, but it’s worth a try. Search for a user with their old phone number, name, address, city, username, old nickname or other relevant detail you may know. You can use their old school, college, employer, military unit, or whatever.

If that doesn’t work, do the same for their brother, sister, wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. While the person you are looking for may not be present on social media, his or her significant other or family member may have. Chances are, you can find a link to the person even if you can’t find the person themselves. You may be able to get the number from that link if you can identify them.

Emergency services

When you’re looking for someone after a disaster, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross both do a good job of reconnecting people with their family and friends. This will not work if you are not connected legitimately with the person whose number you want to get. For the US branch of the Salvation Army, click here, while UK users can try here. The Red Cross family recovery service is here.

Find someone’s phone number is not easy these days, but with some work and common sense it is achievable. Do you have one tips to get a number if you lost or never had one? Share them with us in the comments below!

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