How to Use Wyze Cam With Alexa

How to    Make your Wyze Cam work with Alexa

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Guide: How to Use Wyze Cam With Alexa

The Wyze Cam is a surveillance device made for homeowners. Unlike typical expensive security cameras, the Wyze Cam is affordable and easy to use. Most importantly, it is a smart device. As a smart device, Wyze Cam must be compatible with the world’s most popular smart environments. This one camera from Wyze is fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon devices, meaning Wyze Cam can be an integral part of your smart home. Here is how to let the Wyze Cam work with Alexa.


Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan currently work with Alexa. Unfortunately, the original Wyze Cam doesn’t support Alexa, which can be frustrating for some people (especially if they have multiple cameraprograms, some of which are the early version of the device). However, the main reason the v2 was created was precisely the lack of Amazon support for the original version.

To check which version you own, turn over the Wyze Cam device and look under it. There should be a sticker stating that your model is Wyze Cam v2. If you don’t have the more advanced version of the device, unfortunately you can’t get it to work with Alexa. On the other hand, it may work with Google Home.

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Connecting the Wyze Cam to an Amazon device

The first thing to confirm is that all of your Wyze Cam devices are connected to the Wyze app. For those of you who have already installed the devices before, don’t worry. However, if you set up the Wyze app for the first time, you must complete the process before proceeding to connect to the Amazon device in question.

Institution up the Wyze Cam

If you have already completed this step, you can skip this section. For those of you who are just starting to set up up the Wyze device, here’s what to do.

First of all, once you open the package, you get a manual, a power adapter with an outlet, a metal disc with an adhesive strip and the Wyze Cam itself. If you look at the back of the Wyze Cam you will see a solid yellow light. Before proceeding, connect your device to the wall or in series with another Wyze Cam device. You will see the yellow light flashing. This indicates that it is entering setup mode.

Download and install the Wyze app now from the standard app store of your tablet / smartphone. Once you launch the app, you will be prompted to register. Follow the steps described to do this. Now select your WiFi network from the list. After this you will see a QR code appear on the screen of the app. Use your Wyze Cam device to scan the QR code. This will connect the device to your WiFi. Now give the device a name and tap Get started.

Institution Up Your Wyze with Alexa

As you know, Alexa is a voice controlled system. Therefore, make sure that the camera names on your Wyze app are easy to pronounce and unique. If you have a weird one camera names on your Wyze list, we recommend that you change them.

Now update the firmware on each of your Wyze camera appliances. Tap the first camera on the list and the app should automatically prompt you to update to the latest firmware version. If you’re not prompted for this, tap the gear icon in the top right corner Device info, Check update, and finally, Upgrade. Do this for all camera’s on your Wyze list.

Then update the Wyze skill. This is done through the Alexa app,, or simply by saying “Alexa, turn on Wyze skill”. If you do this from your Alexa app, go to the menu in the top left corner of the screen (represented by three horizontal lines) and select Skills and games. From here just search ‘Wyze”, Select Wyze and press Switch. This will ask you to enter your Wyze credentials, further allowing Alexa to access you camera’s to use. Now tap Discover devices.

let wyze cam work with alexa

Or just say ‘Alexa, discover my devices. This means that all of your cameraprograms are now set up with the same names you gave them through the Wyze app. You can of course use the camera names on your Amazon device, without changing the names on your Wyze app. To do this, go to Appliances In the Alexa app, tap camera in question, and change the name to whatever you want. This doesn’t change it camera’s name in the Wyze app, but again, make sure the name is simple.

Using Wyze Cams with Alexa

Using Wyze with Alexa is voice controlled and very simple. Just say “Alexa, let me [camera name]”. You can use instead of “de” in the command line described earlier my, me, or just say ‘Alexa, let’s see [camera name]”.

Keep in mind that even with an extremely fast internet connection, there will be a few seconds delay before the concert camera footage is displayed on your Amazon device. This is due to the server delay associated with the feed being sent to Amazon and the feed being sent to you by Amazon.

The feed will stay on for ten minutes before automatically turning off. To bring it back up, use the above commands. To stop the video streaming manually, just say ‘Alexa, go home“Or”Alexa, stop”.

Wyze and Alexa

Actually, it is. Wyze and Alexa work hand in hand to bring the Wyze experience to your smart home environment. There is, of course, a short delay involved, but it’s not too frustrating.

Do you like how your Wyze device (s) work with Alexa? Do you mind the delay of a few seconds? Did you find this? tutorial easy to follow? Let people know in the comments below and feel free to ask and share questions tips and advice.

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