Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 – List

Are you looking for the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100, but with so many great options, you do not know what to buy? There are hundreds of different budget speakers with different functions and who knows what is best for you can be difficult. As a result, we searched the market and selected the best Bluetooth speakers of less than $ 100 that might interest you.

However, if you have never purchased a Bluetooth speaker, you may not know what functions a speaker should offer. To combat this problem, we have created a section of the buyer’s guide that you can read to gather the necessary knowledge to find out what to look for in a wireless speaker.

After reading the entire buyer’s guide, we’re confident that you’ll understand better what to look for when buying the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100. And you’ll save time because you do not have to search for information online. because we organized everything on one page.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 Comparison Table

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100
Speaker NameWireless Rating
Amazon Echo 2nd GenYes9.5 out of 10
Bose SoundLink MicroYes9.4 out of 10
JBL Flip 4Optional9.3 out of 10
Braven BRV-XYes9.2 out of 10
Klipsch GrooveOptional9.2 out of 10
Soundcore FlareYes9.1 out of 10
UE Roll Volcano BlackOptional9.0 out of 10

Things To Consider


Durability is important because you will probably get your Bluetooth speaker out, so you should buy a loudspeaker that can be hit hard. Pay attention to the material used when making the loudspeaker, otherwise, you can end up with a plastic that will break pretty quickly. Also check for water resistance, as this is a good indicator of durability. The best seal certification you can get is the IPX7, which offers sufficient protection to keep the loudspeaker underwater for a total of 30 minutes.

Sound quality

Audio quality is another important factor because it is not necessary to invest in a housing that can not produce loud music with high quality. Most speakers use tweezers and passive bass radiators, which is ideal because the music is lively with multiple drivers. You can also check the frequency response of a speaker to get an idea of the bass sound. Some speakers have built-in EQs accessible via smartphone apps. This means that you can strengthen bass, treble, and midrange to your preference. Some applications also come with presets that can easily configure it.

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Connectivity Options

You can connect to your speaker without Bluetooth in various ways, which is an effective backup plan, in case your smartphone no longer has power. Here are other options that you can find in our list of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100:

USB: Using a USB stick instead of a smartphone can save you a lot of time because you do not need to use Bluetooth power. In addition, you can store thousands of songs on a single USB key, depending on the storage capacity. You can select a specific track to play and browse the songs in order.

SD card: Just like the USB stick, you can save energy and store thousands of songs on a single card. However, there is no random mode, so selecting numbers is not an option.

AUX cable: One of the best ways to use an AUX cable is because you do not have to use Bluetooth and you can select the songs you want to play. The only drawback is that you always have to keep your smartphone next to the speaker.

Battery Life

The lifetime of the battery is one of the most important functions to consider, as some speakers can be played 24 hours, others only 5 hours. Depending on the activity, you should always check the reading time you receive per load. For example, if you need a speaker for the holidays, a battery life of 5 hours is not ideal. In addition, with some speakers, such as the JBL Flip 4, you can use it as a power source that allows you to charge different devices, such as your smartphone. This means, however, that the reading time will be considerably reduced because you use energy elsewhere.


Buying a trusted brand can be a safer option because you know they will get better. Similarly, if you have already purchased the same brand, you know what type of quality you can expect. Well established brands generally offer long guarantees for most types of damage, indicating how much trust they have in their products and their reliability. Plus, if the product does not suit you, most companies will apply a 30-day return policy that you can use to get your money back.

Here are the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

Amazon Echo (2nd generation) connects with Alexa to listen to music, make calls, set audible alarms, set timers, ask questions and control, among other things on smart devices. Simply ask for each song and Echo (2nd generation) will play it in seconds. The echo can also play Spotify audiobooks, radio stations, and playlists. The echo (2nd generation) features a 0.6-inch, trigger-controlled tweeter that produces excellent mid tones and highs. In addition, the 2.5-inch down-emitting subwoofer produces a lively bass, making it one of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100.

If you want to skip a song halfway through, the echo still sounds because it has 7 noise-canceling microphones. It is convenient to use only your voice and you can use the keypad at the top. There are 4 buttons that can be used to mute the speaker, adjust the volume and turn off the speaker. It is not just a speaker and many people are skeptical about using a loudspeaker with 7 speakers at home. It always listens and this can be a violation of privacy because large companies are known to store personal data.


  • Uses a 2.5-inch subwoofer
  • 7 built-in microphones
  • Can be used with voice control


  • Must be always on
  • Sometimes voice control doesn’t work well
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The balanced and clear sound of the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth loudspeaker is produced by professionally set drivers that focus on making loud music at an extremely high level. It is a small, compact loudspeaker, but Bose concentrated on making it relatively loud without distortion. In addition, the playback time is about 6 hours and can be recharged at any time with a battery backup. In addition, the connection range is about 30 feet and the connectivity technology used is the latest Bluetooth technology, meaning no interference can be heard unless you come out of the connection range.

In addition, the housing has a waterproof coating that can withstand heavy rain, splashes and pool parties. In addition, the rugged design protects the speaker from falling and other damage such as scratches, bumps, and tears. Do not leave the loudspeaker in the water for more than 30 minutes, as this may be harmful. The lifetime of the battery is relatively short compared to other speakers in the industry, which could be a breach of contract for some of you.


  • Easy to travel with due to a compact design
  • Certified waterproof rating of IPX7
  • Although being really small the music is extremely loud


  • Short battery life
  • Shorter connection range compared to other options
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JBL Flip 4

The JBL Flip 4 waterproof portable speaker uses 16-watt speakers that offer incredible sound quality when viewed at an average volume level. In addition, connections via Bluetooth 4.2 are stable during listening. You can connect multiple devices to a smartphone for better surround sound. The waterproof portable speaker JBL Flip 4 can be used as a power bank because it comes with different USB ports. In addition, you can listen to music with the speaker via a USB stick and an AUX cable, saving your smartphone’s battery because you do not have to use Bluetooth.

In addition, the JBL Flip 4 has a built-in microphone that also suppresses noise. You do not have to disconnect the connection to answer incoming calls. There are several buttons above the speakers that allow you to skip songs, adjust the volume, and pair Bluetooth devices. In addition, LEDs indicate how much power is in the JBL Flip 4. The built-in microphone function is limited because you can not make private calls. If the loudspeaker is wet, the sound is also softer because the device needs to dry, which can take a few hours.


  • Can connect multiple devices to one smartphone
  • Music sounds HD and doesn’t lose quality even when listening at full volume
  • Stylish design


  • A little heavy to travel around with
  • Connection range could be a little longer
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Braven BRV-X

The BRAVEN BRV-X portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has an ultra-rugged design designed for all types of terrain. The shock-resistant rubber exterior protects the loudspeaker from drops and scratches. In addition, the waterproof IPX7 rating is extremely effective in preventing water damage. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can make hands-free calls in High Definition, making it easy to use because you do not need to connect to the speakerphone to answer incoming calls.

In addition, the microphone suppresses noise, which means that you can use it in noisy environments. In addition, the built-in battery offers 5200 mAh to 12 hours of playback time, which is more than the average in the sector. You can pair multiple speakers with a single device because it uses BRV-X technology. Although it is an ultra-resistant loudspeaker, it has a price, namely its weight. The BRAVEN BRV-X Bluetooth speaker weighs only 3.55 pounds unless you have the space to store it.


  • Extremely durable design
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone
  • 12-hour battery life


  • Heavyweight design
  • Speaker can’t be submerged under water for more than 30 minutes
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Klipsch Groove

The Klipsch Groove Speaker is a portable Bluetooth audio device with all the functions you need for a travel speaker. It has a light and small design, but make no mistake: the full-range 3-inch high-excursion loudspeaker, supplemented with passive bass radiators on the side, produces extraordinary beats. Plus, the speakerphone is easy to use with simple buttons on the top of the device, so you can skip songs, adjust the volume and pause/play music. In addition, you can connect via an AUX cable, saving your smartphone’s battery because you do not need to use Bluetooth.

Best Wireless Headphones

The Klipsch Groove Speaker is splash proof. Do not worry about outdoor use, in the rain or near water. In addition, the battery lasts about 8 hours before it is charged, which is sufficient for most occasions. In addition, you can reactivate the loudspeaker quickly by charging it with a USB FastCharge cable. The design of the speakers is not very advanced. Therefore, if appearance is an important factor, consider the other options in this list. However, if you only care about the musical experience, the Klipsch Groove speaker is an excellent choice.


  • Uses 2 firing side passive bass radiators
  • Long 8 hour battery life
  • Waterproof rating of IPX4


  • Doesn’t have a stylish design
  • To use AUX mode you must buy wire separately
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Soundcore Flare

Led by 2 back-to-back drivers and two passive radiators, the Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth speaker can produce intense 360-degree music. Moreover, there is an elegant design with a color changing halo light at the bottom. In addition, the loudspeaker is 100% waterproof and displays the IPX7 rating, which means that you can submerge it in water for up to 30 minutes. In addition, the loudspeaker is easy to move thanks to its compact and lightweight design.

You can connect the Flare Soundcore to an Echo Dot speaker or to another Amazon speaker, a feature that has few speakers. You can also adjust the audio with the EQ application, which you can use to improve the bass, midrange, and treble. Although it is a watertight speaker, do not leave it in the water too long, otherwise, it may be damaged. Equalization can be a bit tricky to get if you have never done it before and it may cost some practice.


  • 360-degree surround sound
  • Certified waterproof rating of IPX7
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Echo


  • EQ can be tricky to use it first
  • Halo light can be gimmicky for some people
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UE Roll Volcano

The UE Black Roll Volcan Black Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers 360-degree surround sound that delivers crazy rhythms with soothing bass, treble, and accurate mid-range sounds. A 9-hour battery comes with a connection range of 12 meters. So you do not have to hold your smartphone by the speaker. In addition, you can adjust the audio to your preference, because the EU Roll Volcano comes with an integrated 5-band EQ, which you can use to raise or lower the bass, mid tones, and treble. In addition, you can connect two speakers to one device and enjoy an improved audio session with amazing quality.

Moreover, this housing is fully water resistant with a certified IPX7 rating, which means that you can immerse it for a total of 30 minutes to 1 meter deep. Do not keep it any longer, otherwise, the drivers are wet and damaged. The UE Volcano Black Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker design sounds strange and not suitable for everyone. Moreover, the battery can be slightly longer because comparable price options offer a better reading time.


  • 360-degree surround sound
  • Certified waterproof rating of IPX7
  • 65 feet connection range radius


  • Style can seem a bit weird
  • The battery could be a little longer


You do not always need the Best Headphones Under $150 to listen to music, sometimes to enjoy it. Sometimes the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 are also worth it. Did you like reading our article? Make sure you share it on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you have something to add, use the comment section below and tell us what to share. We are always there to listen.

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