Blur Photos Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: Review And Features

Description of Blur Photos Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Review

With Blur Photos you can do just that – blur photos with ease with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and your finger. Within seconds, you can make faces, marks, logos, license plates or other copyrighted images out of focus. With the You Doodle engine, Blur Photos is the easiest, fastest and best way to blur photos and images for iOS.

■ Custom blur intensity and touch size:
You can adjust the blur intensity and the touch size.

■ Zoom & pan, work in detail:
Use two finger movements to zoom in, zoom out, or pan.

■ iOS 8 extension:
Blur Photos works directly from the Photos app.

■ Cropping:
Crop, flip and adjust aspect ratio.

■ Performance:
Blur Photos is very powerful and has no delay in blurring.

■ screen relative size:
Blur Photos supports the relative blur size of a screen using the "Adjust brush size when zooming" option.

■ Share:
With Blur Photos you can share your blurry image via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest and many more!

■ Undo and redo:
Blur Photos supports hundreds of levels of undo and redo.

■ High-resolution images:
Blur Photos offers an option to support 9 megapixel images

My name is Jeff Johnson and I created Blur Photos to provide the simplest and easiest way to blur photos and images on iOS. After trying out the currently available blur photo apps, I was horrified by all the ads and bad user experiences. Blur Photos has minimal ads, no purchases in apps, and a very simple interface that lets you effortlessly blur your photos and pictures on iOS.

Please send an e-mail to if you have feedback or questions.

Happy blur!

P.S. yes that's me in the video 🙂

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