Box builds a digital hub to counter content fragmentation – news

Cloud interconnection makes it possible to share content between various applications inside and outside the organization, but this function itself caused problems like digital fragmentation. How do you track usage of this content with various cloud services? This is a problem that Box needs to solve with the latest function Activity Stream and recommended application.

The company made announcements at BoxWorks, an annual customer conference to be held this week in San Francisco,

The activity stream provides a way to track content in real time as it moves through the organization, such as who touched the content, which application to use, and it acts as a kind of audit trail digital. One of the big problems with the content of the cloud is to understand what happened after the cloud was created. Did you use it in Salesforce or ServiceNow or Slack? You can follow the path of the content and see how people share it. This helps to eliminate some of the differences users are experiencing in the digital world.

Like Jeetu Patel, Box & # 39; s Product managers and strategy directors point out that there are thousands of applications in large mid-sized companies, there is no effective way to track unstructured content and obtain a unified view of digital trails I will.

"We have integrated more than 1,400 applications and thought that integration with these applications would make it very useful for users if they could present these events .. Patel sees it. .

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Box builds a digital hub to counter content fragmentation - news

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