Britain warns of Brexit's space program and satellite problems "no agreement" – News

If the EU leaves without 'agreement', the UK Government will have difficulty accessing satellite and space surveillance programs, .

The UK is less than six months to leave the block of 28 countries after more than half of the countries vote in favor of withdrawing accession to the EU when a referendum was held in 2016. Until now, Brexit's process is in vain faced the internal political struggle and uncertainty, the threat of bureaucracy and twists and turns. State and leadership challenges. The government has not reached an agreement to maintain commercial relations, immigration, and takeoff.

Today, the government also states that services that depend on EU accession (such as access to space programs) are affected.

The safe news is that the GPS map of cars and mobile phones does not stop suddenly.

However, with the exception of companies, scholars and researchers excluded from future contracts, the government is no longer aware of European GPS initiatives, "because it may be difficult to complete and complete existing contracts" "We will not participate."

"If the UK leaves EU without consensus there is no noticeable impact," the UK invested 92 million pounds (120 million dollars) and funded the UK GPS system. This view also showed that British military information services no longer have access to the EU's regulated public services, which is an enhanced GPS system that enhances protection against camouflage and interference. But we do not think this system will go …

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Britain warns of Brexit's space program and satellite problems "no agreement" - News

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