Buyers Might Not Be Ready For Bright iPhone XR Colors

A survey conducted in some of the largest smartphone markets revealed that most people prefer the very traditional colors for their mobile devices, even as their taste widens. What this means for Apple's strategy of offering the new iPhone XR in a variety of options is unclear.

"Black and silver dominate the colors in all regions studied," said Christopher Dodge, associate director of Strategy Analytics, about the survey conducted by his research firm.

The rise of the rose gold

Nevertheless, the interest in the other colors develops. More than a third of respondents were interested in white or pink gold. "Pink Gold is gaining in popularity, and the gap between black and other colors is also being drastically reduced," Dodge continues.

The survey was conducted among US consumers, Western Europe, China and India. She found out that pink gold is now the favorite color of women in the US and China. And Chinese residents are more interested in non-traditional telephone colors.

What about the other colors of the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR is available in ultra-traditional black, but with a whole range of options: white, blue, yellow, coral and (product) RED. Unfortunately, we do not yet have reliable data on the top sellers.

One of the thinnest proofs we have is that T-Mobile started selling other colors before it ran out of its stock of iPhone XR devices in black and white. Of course, the wearer could easily have had more black-and-white documents because Apple knew they would be more popular.

The audience's reaction to the release of the iPhone XR should be influenced by the semi-debacle of the iPhone 5c. This was the first time that Apple has proposed one of its phones in a variety of colors, it remains closest to the line that the iPhone has fallen.

However, this could be due to the fact that the device was outdated at the time of its release and not to a rejection of the different shades of its plastic housing.

In the worst case, Apple will sell many copies of the iPhone XR in black, while other colors will remain in the expectation of the good buyer. At best, Apple will encourage shoppers to accept a more colorful smartphone.

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