Buying an Apple 4 now for EKG and AFib features may leave you heartbroken

If you were paying attention to last week's announcement, Apple's largest announcement knows that you have atrial fibrillation and electrocardiogram function in your Apple series 4. But your main reason is that if the new health function is the heart, at least for now.

Like many of you, I am sometimes quantified self-employed. I am trying to measure my exercise, sleep, trampling, weight (I am). Since I bought the series 2, I have been checking my heart beats strongly.

And why does the future of digital health depend on Apple's finding cloud partners?

But Apple's new cardiac monitoring function is reinforcing what is called a guardian. Our own Jason Perlow recently caused a fatal heart attack if he did not use the beta heart monitoring application at his Apple. That made me think. When Apple announced Series 4, I had to order as soon as it became available.

But I went to a small copy. Very, very, very small draw. In fact, ECG (ECG or EKG) and AFib monitoring functions are not provided in Apple Series 4.

wait. what?

You have it. These were a major feature of recent Apple events, but it turned out that the ECG function was not available to purchasers of the new Series 4. At least for the moment. AFib's function is not so.

If you carefully look at the page of Apple's Health Series 4, you will see "ECG application will arrive later this year".

I want this small print.

Likewise, considering how Apple looks to you, you will see that it is not so. The word "notification of irregular rhythm coming later this year" is also very small printout.


This can not be used at the time of release.

Just the second half of this year? We can say that 'this year' ends on December 31st. Personally, I am waiting for purchase until these functions become available. My series 2 is perfect so far.

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Hope you like the news Buying an Apple 4 now for EKG and AFib features may leave you heartbroken. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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