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Best Screen Capturing Add-on For Firefox

Update - 2020.04.03

Best Screen Capturing Add-on For Firefox – When you need to take a shot on Mozilla Firefox instantly when you use print screen button or any screen recording software. If you need to capture your Firefox display quickly then with lots of other extensions, screen capturing tools are also available. Actually, most people don’t know about the extensions or add-ons. That’s why they don’t use and don’t try to find too. After a hard life of Firefox, if you want to make it easy then use my recommended shared screen capturing tools that are created especially for Firefox.

Today we’re here with a list of Best screen capturing add-ons for Firefox. Check out our list here and leave a comment if you like it… 🙂

Screen capturing add-on for Firefox – List

1. Lightshot


Lightshot is the most popular tool because of it is features and simplicity. It provides you with some great additional features. If you ever need to take a shot then just open it and capture your screen. You can drag and capture selected area with light shot. By using a built-in tool, you can add text, can add color and also can add your image directly to Fb, Twitter, Google+ etc.

2. Awesome Screenshot Plus

Awesome screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Plus is very similar to Lightshot and Nimbus Screen Capture. It allows capturing and editing features as like other. But it’s popular and known because of its reliability. You can capture your selected area with it. When once the picture has been captured then a simple editing tool will be opened. By using this, you can crop, arrows, draw shapes, and lines, use the blur tool and add text.

3. Nimbus Screen Capture

Nimbus Screen Capture is an extended add-on and favorites from users. Lots of people are using this and getting benefit from it. As lightshot, Nimbus is another best screen capture that has built-in editing tool. It is a built-in tool provides more features than lightshot. You can select your also space and capture as your wish. Once you have captured your image then you drop onto built-in editing tool for edit your image.

So above is all about Best screen capturing add-ons for FirefoxI hope you like this, so please don’t forget to share this article with others.

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