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7 Ways To Speed Up Your iPhone’s Internet Speed of 2020

Speed Up Your iPhone’s Internet Speed- The Apple iPhone does not have a quite enough processing power to be able to access websites as fast as a regular computer, but there are ways to improve your Internet browsing speed. You can find many good tips on how to surf the Internet faster by using various iPhone Web browser applications. But if your Internet connection is flaky or weak, then all that information amounts to little. The speed and the strength of your Internet connection are affected by several variables, some of which you can control. It is very frustrating to have a low internet speed on your iPhone while doing some kind of important works.

Nowadays, the internet is the basic need of everyone right from the building personal relations or to work it as an everyone needs it and with high speed. So check out our list of Ways To Speed Up Your iPhone’s Internet Speed below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

Ways To Speed Up Your iPhone’s Internet – List

Use WiFi Connection Over Cellular Data

It is always suggested to use the WiFi networks to mobile data if possible. By using WiFi, your internet speed will be increased as the Wi-Fi loads the data faster than using your own cellular data mode. For enabling the WiFi service, you need to go to the iPhone’s Setting>WiFi and then turn it on.

Clear Your Cookies And Browsing Data

You need to tap on the “Clear Cookies and Data” option available in the  Safari’s setting screen. Repeat this on a regular basis.

Update To The Latest iOS Version

Always keep your iPhone updated with latest iOS version which may fix some of internet problems. To check your iOS version go to the Settings> General> Software Update.

Boost Your Available Wi-Fi Speed

For optimizing up your iPhone’s internet speed, you need to go to Settings> WiFi> Network name> Forgot option. Now, again search your WiFi network name again and enable it and reconnect it. By using this way, you can boost your iPhone internet speed.

Optimize Hardware

When you use iPhone on the various tasks over an extended period, it can start to perform slowly and erratically. To fix this, you need to shut down and restart your device. Now double-press on its “Home Button” and flick all open apps off of your Multi-tasking Panes.

Use Opera Browser To Load Data Faster

Safari is the default browser of an iOS device, but there are lots of options to download other different web browsers like Opera, Chrome, UC browser and Dolphin.

Use Fast Cellular Connections

Your carrier gives several cellular options to connect the Internet. To know the strength and what kind you have available, you can check the symbol on your iPhone display’s upper-left corner. From the dreadfully slow to blazing fast, cellular options include GPRS, 1xRTT, EDGE, 3G, 4G, and LTE. Of these, 4G & LTE can often appear or beat the Internet speed you can enjoy over Wi-Fi. So it pays to use them, mainly in areas where the available Wi-Fi connections are flaky.

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