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How to Install Nanook on Kodi Krypton Addon

In this tutorial, we will learn about How to Install Nanook on Kodi Krypton Addon. Nano Kodi Addon is a Video Addon that is fully compatible with all devices in use, we are talking about all operating systems. Truth be told, Nanook Addon is a great backup and a full powerhouse of entertainment itself. We say this based on the high-quality content and all the fast stream titles that this Kodi Addon gets and organizes into good categories.

What Is Nanook Addon For Kodi

We have Nanook Kodi Addon on our list as a good replacement for a Kodi Addon, because it serves as a great backup for all those great Kodi Addons that are shutting down.

Nanook is a new Movie and TV Show addon from Zero Tolerance repo that has many sections with subsections to explore. The sections include Movies, TV Shows, Spotlight, New Movies, New TV Shows, My Nanook, TV Calendar, Tools, Trakt Films, Trakt TV, and has a search function to find what you are looking for. If you want to try this, follow our simple installation guide below to install this addon on your Kodi.

If you are planning on streaming content through one of the Kodi addons, we recommend using a VPN. A VPN will anonymize your online activity, protect you from ISP spying, and give you access to geo-blocked add-ons and content.
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Configure Kodi to install Nanook Addon

Kodi has a built-in security setting that prevents the automatic installation of third-party add-ons. The add-ons that are not hosted in the Kodi Addon Repository is called the third party and is considered to come from unknown sources. Here’s what you need to change to get Kodi Nanook installed addon:

# 1: When you are on the Kodi home screen, click on the Settings icon, just below the Kodi log at the top left.

# 2: Now click on the ‘System Settings’ option in the next window. Click on ‘Add-ons’ in the left pane and then move the switch next to ‘Unknown sources’ to the right to enable it

# 3: If you see this warning message, click ‘Yes’ to continue. Be sure Nanook Kodi addon is safe. It cannot harm your device.

how to install Nanook kodi addon

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How to Install Nanook Kodi Addon

Now that you’ve given Kodi permission to add add-ons from unknown sources, let’s download the Nanook addon now.

This is going to be a three-step process and we’ll look at each separately. In a nutshell, here’s what we plan to do:

  1. Add the source to install the Zero Tolerance repository from
  2. Install the Zero Tolerance repository from the added source
  3. Install Nanook videoaddon on Kodi using the Zero Tolerance repo

Step 1: Add the source

This is quite easy. This is what we are going to do.

# 1. Open the settings menu from the Kodi home screen. As I said, it’s at the top left under the Kodi logo. It looks like a gear / cog icon

kodi settings

# 2. Click on ‘File Manager’ in the next window

kodi file manager

# 3. Then click on ‘Add source’ (scroll down a bit if you don’t see ‘Add source’. This happens when you have already added many sources to Kodi)

add source on kodi

# 4. This is the pop-up window you should see below with the title ‘Add file source’. Click on the ‘option as shown in the image below

Nanook addon on kodi

# 5. Enter the path in the next window

It is important to enter this URL correctly. Typos lead to installation problems. After typing the URL, click ‘OK’

zero tolerance warehouse

# 6. Now add a name for the source in the ‘Enter a name for this media source’ field and click ‘OK’,

I entered ZeroTolerance because it will help me easily identify the source later. But it is entirely your choice which name you want to give it.

zero tolerance repo url

Here we are! You have successfully added the source. What you want to do now is install the Zero Tolerance repo from this source.

Step 2: Install the Zero Tolerance Kodi Repo

This part is also easy. Below are the steps to install the Zero Tolerance repository on Kodi

# 1. Return to the Kodi home screen and click on ‘Add-ons’

kodi add-ons menu

2. Locate and click the ‘Package Installation’ icon in the top left corner of the next screen. This option looks like an open box and even looks like the Dropbox icon

kodi package installer

# 3. Now go ahead and click on ‘Install from zip file’

install Nanook kodi addon from zip file

# 4. Scroll down and click on ‘ZeroTolerance’ (or whatever name you entered while adding the source in step 1)

install zero tolerance repo

Click on the zip file named ‘’. This is the version of the repository at the time of writing this article. When the new version is released, the file name will change and should no longer end in 5.2.

zero tolerance warehouse

# 6. Wait for the ‘Zero Tolerance’ Addon Installed ‘notification. It slides out from the top right corner of the screen.

how to install Nanook kodi addon on firestick

So this is how we install the Zero Tolerance Kodi repository. Now is the time to learn how to install Nanook addon on Kodi using this repository.

Step 3: Install Nanook Kodi Addon

This is the last part where we install Nanook. Here are the steps:

# 1. Go to the Kodi home screen and go to Add-ons> Package Installer> Install from repository

Nanook kodi addon installation guide

# 2. You should now see the Zero Tolerance Repository among the other installed repositories. Open this repository.

how to get Nanook addon on kodi

# 3. Click on ‘Video Add-ons’ when you see the screen below

Nanook video addon

# 4. Scroll down a little bit and click on ‘Nanook’ from the list of available add-ons

where to find Nanook Kodi addon

# 5. Now click on the ‘Install’ button, which you will find at the bottom right

how to install Nanook kodi addon

# 6. Now, wait for the message ‘Nanoon Add-on Installed’ to appear in the top right corner of the next screen. The installation can take from a few minutes to a few minutes.

how to use Nanook addon

You will also see a check mark next to ‘Nanook’ once this Kodi addon is installed.

Well, you are now all set to explore Nanook Kodi addon. All you need to do is return to the Kodi home screen and navigate to Add-ons> Video Add-ons

Nanook kodi addon

As you can see, the Nanook add-on is already there.

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How to install Nanook addon on Kodi Jarvis

  • Start your box as normal and then go into Kodi
  • Once you will be inside Kodi then select System from the main screen of Kodi and then click on File Manager
  • Click on Add Source
  • Click on None(Textbox) and Keyboard will pop up on the screen
  • Type in the web address and click on Done
  • After that click on Textbox underneath “Enter a name for this media Source”, type ZT and click on OK
  • After that, you need to return back to the main screen of Kodi by pressing the return button(Back arrow)
  • Click on System
  • Click on Addons
  • Click on Install from zip file
  • Click on ZT
  • Click on and wait for Addon Enabled notification
  • Now click on Install from repository
  • Click on  Zero Tolerance Repo
  • Click on Video Addons 
  • Click on Nanook
  • Click on Install and then wait for Addon enabled notification at the bottom right corner of the screen
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Final Words: How to Install Nanook on Kodi Krypton Addon

Installing Nanook Kodi Addon is a very carefree experience. You’ve shocked your Kodi Addon slowly or completely, turn on Nanook Addon for a smoother experience. This makes it easy to install Nanook addon for Kodi in just a few minutes. This process should be a smooth experience. The only likely problem may be with the server as some resources are acting up sometimes. However, I don’t think that will be a problem with the Zero Tolerance source. It has worked very well so far.

Legal Notice – We are strongly against content piracy, and we implore our readers to avoid it by all means. We do not check the legality or the safety and security of all of the add-ons, apps, and services referred to on this site. Also, we do not promote, host, or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and encourage our readers to avoid it at all costs. The only mention of free streaming on this site is meant to be used for copyright-free content in the Public domain. 

This Addon is not associated with and is a third-party Kodi Addon. Do not ask questions about this Addon on the official Kodi forum ( If you are having problems installing Kick Off Addon on Kodi, please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page:

NOTE: We do not encourage the violation of copyright laws. But, what if you end up unintentionally receiving streaming content from an illegal source? It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a legitimate and an illegal source.

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