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Find out How to Start a Blog? Confused About choosing Best Blogging Platforms

Learning how to start a blog is a great way to get your choice out the re, you can promote your small or big business, or gain a dedicated readership. Your blog is only as good as the platform it’s based on, however. That’s why it’s so important to compare the available platforms before you get started. If you’re ready to find out how to create a blog, you should know this information first.


This google-owned service integrates neatly with any pre-existing google products you use, such as gmail. That lets you go from registration to your first post in just about 15 minutes. Template editing and tagging are also very easy and you’ll have the ability to post from word and google docs.
The downside is that blogger is a little more limited than other options, and its market share has been dropping in recent years. While blogger may not be on top anymore, it’s still a viable free service that makes setting up easy, even for the inexperienced.


As of 2012, wordpress is the giant of free blogging platforms. Most people wondering how to create a blog start here, due to the platform’s high expandability. If your blog ever grows beyond the capacity of a free wordpress subdomain, you can download the main wordpress installation and set it up on your own independent website. WordPress also offers a wide range of themes, many plug-ins, and extensive customizability.
All this is great if you have a little bit of experience under your belt, but while wordpress is fairly easy to set up, it can be intimidating for people who’ve never had a blog before. You may need to look up a few tutorials or get a little outside help to put together the perfect wordpress blog for your situation.


This platform is a little different from blogger or wordpress, in that it’s a hybrid of a blogging platform and social media options like facebook or twitter. Like many social media sites, tumblr is best suited to relatively short thoughts and is very image heavy. It makes connecting with and following other users very simple, and is a great choice for anyone who wants to make short, sweet posts on a regular basis.
Setup is extremely easy, though navigating the system itself may take a little bit of practice. Customization can also be a problem. Tumblr is great for sharing thoughts, but not The Best choice if you want to integrate ads or put a shopping cart link in place. You may need a main website as an auxiliary to your tumblr blog.

No matter which option you choose, a little planning is all you’ll need to put together the perfect blog. Take a few minutes to think it through, and you might be delighted by the results.

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