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App MyGroup: Review And Features

Description of App MyGroup Review

As a deaf person, have you ever found yourself the only deaf person at a family dinner without understanding what's going on?

As a family member, friend or co-worker of a deaf person who wants to join, but:
– no idea where to hire an ASL interpreter
– No idea if an ASL interpreter is good or bad

I had an experience in a family reunion with 15 people and my dad was the only deaf person the re. It would have helped if there was a certified interpreter who would help him to understand what was going on.

App MyGroup is here to help. We only use the Register of Interpreters for Deaf (RID) certified interpreters in our network – also known as the best. Try us!

Also RID interpreters:
– If you are RID certified, we would like to welcome you in our app. Just download and register the app.
How it works:
Customers can create requests that appear in your queue (and all other interpreters). You can think of this tab as a job board.
You have the opportunity to look at the job, and if you want to accept it, you can do that.

Once you have accepted the job, you'll see your next jobs and five minutes before the job starts, click to join the video call. The deaf person will participate on their App MyGroup iPhone App and you will interpret for them. It's live video interpreting.

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