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Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 - Portrait Mode

Apple iPhone 11 – Introduction

If you were hoping that Apple would reduce the effects of its successor on the iPhone XR, think again. In a year when Apple’s new phones are not particularly exciting, the latest price for the new iPhone 11 is its price: $699 for a 64GB model, $749 for 128GB and $849 for 256 GB.

If you are upgrading from a slower and slower iPhone, this is The Best offer you will get with the latest processor and a very bright screen. Consider spending $ 300 more than Pro models. The iPhone 11 carries older models like the iPhone 6, although newer, and the most significant difference is that the iPhone 11 has more cameras. A thick, uniform frame surrounds the 6.1-inch screen, and the same wide notch at the top contains the TrueDepth camera and sensors for facial identity.

It’s not the perfect size, it’s the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s not as bulky as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The scale of the iPhone 11 is a good compromise for people wanting a large screen but still wants to manage the phone with one hand. This iPhone has a substantial appearance, and the glossy glass back is not as slippery as the matte finish of Pro models. That said, you will want a case. It is not as durable as Pro models because it is made of aluminum and not stainless steel.

It has an IP68 water resistance rating, which allows it to survive up to 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes. The Best part of the new iPhone? Colors. The re are 6 different color options, and they all look gorgeous (although the glass remains subject to fingerprints).

Apple iPhone 11 – Design

Apple iPhone 11 Review

Except for the dual camera configuration at the back and the new colors, the iPhone 11 is identical to the iPhone XR. Both have the same dimensions (150.9×75.7×8.3mm) and weight (194g), and one could easily be confused with the other when viewed directly.

The iPhone 11 is made of aluminum and glass – again, the “toughest glass of a smartphone, front and back,” according to Apple. However, not everything is the same, and Apple has decided to mix the colors. The new iPhone 11 will be available in modern finishes in purple and green colors, in addition to the yellow, black, white, and red (product) colors also present on the iPhone XR.

Although the colors that have been reported carry the same names as before, the finishes of the iPhone 11 are slightly lighter and less brilliant than their counterparts in the iPhone XR. In the upper left corner of the back of this phone is a square area that holds two cameras, and the True Tone flash, and a microphone. This area has a perfect textured matte finish – compared to the shiny finish of the back – and is slightly elevated compared to the rest of the body, both objectives being even more salient +.

Apple iPhone 11 – Display

Apple iPhone 11 Review

The display is another part in which the new iPhone 11 is identical to the iPhone XR. That means you get a 6.1-inch LCD that, although it’s The Best in its class in terms of color accuracy, brightness, and viewing angles, does not have the resolution or density pixels of his dearest brothers, or for that. Many Android phones cost about one-sixth of the price charged by the iPhone 11.

Of course, the LCD does not contain the most affluent blacks of OLED screens iPhone XS models and iPhone 11 Pro, nor does it offer the dynamic range to display HDR content in all its splendor. However, it does support the wide P3 color gamut and Apple True Tone technology, which adjusts the screen tint to match ambient lighting conditions.

The maximum brightness of the panel of the iPhone 11 is estimated at 625 nits, lower value than the iPhone 11 Pro more expensive. When compared side by side under the same ambient lighting conditions, the iPhone 11 generally looked brighter than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but this is often the case when viewing an LCD screen next to the camera. An OLED display. Of course, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can achieve much higher brightness levels: 800 nits under normal conditions and 1200 nits when viewing HDR content.

Apple iPhone 11 – Camera

Apple iPhone 11 Review

Apple has doubled the number of lenses available here: where the iPhone XR had a sensor similar to a porthole in the back, things are much more grandiose of 2021, with an entire window at the rear containing two sensors of 12 MP. Apple is clearly aiming for an iconic and the uniform look with the iPhone 11 range, with Pro and Pro Max models featuring the same square rear lens cover.

It takes a while to get used to it, to the point of being almost too visually intrusive. When you hold the iPhone in landscape mode, your fingers play it more. Still, it is not as invasive as the of 2021 iPhone, thanks to the “overlay” of the back – the glass case around the lenses are slightly elevated compared to the rear window and the sensors themselves a bit more. This is a wide-angle board; that is, you get the “normal” camera that you will find on each phone, as well as an ultra-wide-angle lens that incorporates more scenes that you save in the frame.

Apple iPhone 11 – Portrait Mode

Apple iPhone 11 - Portrait Mode


Addition of another camera, Apple has made the Portrait mode of the iPhone 11 much better than last year’s iPhone XR – where last year’s software was used to help iPhone to determine the foreground and background gives more physical information to help. It’s not perfect. When a scene is divided into subject and experience in the front, it sometimes leaves a blur around the object supposed to be sharp (especially with the hair), but it can take some decent shots. High Key Mono is a novelty in the Portrait mode effects in iOS 13 and joins the Stage Light and the Stage Light Mono options.

Apple iPhone 11 – Battery

Apple iPhone 11 - Portrait Mode

Apple claims that the iPhone 11 lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR, which already had a great battery life. This resists. I finished an average day of work with about 45% work at 17:00, 30% at 19:30 and 15% at 10:00. This is regular use, like playing a few games, taking photos, browsing the web, responding to notifications, and watching one or more YouTube clips. In a day of intense use, where I took a ton of photos and videos with the iPhone 11 camera for more than four hours, the battery of 3 110 mAh reached 15% to 17 hours. – Phones like Google Pixel 3 would have died long ago. Most people will be satisfied.

In our standard battery test, where we read a 1080p YouTube video over Wi-Fi with maximum brightness, the iPhone 11 lasted 4 hours and 54 minutes. Unfortunately, Apple does not include the 18W fast charger in the box. Instead, you’ll find the traditional 5W charger, which will charge your phone at the speed of a snail – it will take more than 3 hours to go from zero to 100. It supports fast charging, but only iPhone models 11 Pro have 18W brick in the box.

You’ll have to spend about $ 50 more to buy the adapter and cable for this feature, but it’s worth it. The iPhone 11 managed to reach 50% in 30 minutes of charge with the fast charger and more than 80% after one hour.

Apple iPhone 11 – Performance

Apple iPhone 11 Review

The three new iPhones are equipped with the Apple A13 processor, which is currently the fastest mobile chip available. It is 40% faster on Geekbench multicore reference than on the iPhone XR, 17% faster on Web performance, and 50% faster in GPU terms. On Geekbench, it is 30% faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in multicore performance and 20% faster in web performance. This is due in a part to the fact that Apple’s and Qualcomm’s chipset versions are spaced six months apart; Qualcomm should catch up early next year.

The four efficiency cores of the A13 Bionic consume up to 40% less energy than their A12 counterparts, while delivering performance improvements of up to 20%. Apple claims similar numbers – 20% faster, 40% more energy efficiency compared to the A12 – with the graphics processor in the A13.

An increasing number of applications are using machine learning to enable new features. With Apple’s focus on privacy and device-based computing, the machine’s machine learning capabilities are likely more important than those of any other device. It is in this spirit that Apple has equipped the A13 Bionic with a neuron engine accelerated up to 20% faster while consuming up to 15% less energy.

Apple iPhone 11 – Verdict

The re’s a lot to love about the iPhone 11. Aside from the relatively low-resolution screen – which most people will not notice – and the extremely sluggish charger provided – which everyone will surely see – there is has very few things that we can find fault with, which is specific to this phone. Night mode is a beneficial addition, and the Camera app offers useful keys, typical of Apple.

The iPhone 11 provides an excellent compact camera (which is an improvement over the XR), runs on the same processor as the Premium Pro and Pro Max, and offers a stable battery life. Add to that it produces a wonderfully rounded image with a superb sound and that the iPhone 11 is a super versatile device. If you want an excellent price-quality ratio combined with a large capacity, it’s a bit obvious.

9 Total Score
Apple iPhone 11 review

The iPhone 11 offers reliable camera performance and power to sell for a relatively reasonable price.

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