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Awario Review – A Social Media Tool To Reach Your Market Quickly

Awario Review – Don’t you think that some of your brand mentions do unnoticed? Well, if you are a big brand and are not using something like Awario, then you definitely are missing some brand mentions of yours in the Social Media.

And if that is the case, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Mark my words, if you are a big brand and you are not tracking your Social Media Mentions, then you are doing blunders with your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Why tracking brand mention becomes necessary for big brands?

The re are a few reasons why tracking your brand mentions has to be an essential part of your Social Media Marketing campaign. Let me briefly list few of them.

  • You need to know what people are talking about you in the social media and this is impossible without tracking brand mentions
  • To target your users, you need to know what they think about you.
  • You get to know about your pros and cons.

And a lot more reasons. But that is beyond scope of this article, so we will not be discussing them here.

Anyways, since now you already know the importance of tracking brand mentions, let me share an easy way to do the same.


Yes, Awario. Awario is an SMM(Social Media Marketing) tool that allows you to track your brand mentions on the social media very quickly.

What is Awario?

Now you already know that Awario is a social media management tool which tracks your brand mentions from all over the web. The Best part of using Awario is that it does not rely on any third-party data provider, and instead, has its own bots which crawl the web.

The main benefit of Awario having its own crawlers is that the data you get is very fresh, accurate and updated. This is a major reason Marketers prefer(and you should too) Awario over other tools.

Other than this, there are few more reasons which will make you firmly believe that Awario is The Best Social Media Management tool. Let’s talk about them in detail.

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Why Awario?

Let us speak of those features which I told you about in the previous heading. Let me tell you why you should prefer Awario over other such apps.

  • First of all, Awario has its own crawlers which crawl over 13 billion pages every day.
  • Awario also crawls through their API which makes the data very accurate
  • It provides you Real-Time monitoring of your Brand Mentions
  • It barely misses any mention.
  • Smooth User-Interface
  • Allows multi-language tracking
  • Crawls all the major social networks

Also, let’s talk about the Pros and cons of this app/tool

PROS of Awario:

  • Get free 14 days trial without giving any payment related information
  • Real time reports
  • Super fast updates
  • Accurate crawlers
  • Large database
  • Crawls over 13 billion pages daily
  • Cheap pricing

CONSof Awario:

Just like every other good thing, Awario also has some minor cons, but there are small enough to be ignored.

  • No export option in the Starter plan.
  • You need time to get used to Awario

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Awario Pricing

The pricing of Awario is not very high. If you would like to use Awario, you need not burn a hole in your pocket. Apart from the “not very costly” pricing, Awario also provides free 14 days trial without any commitments. So you can once give it a try, and if you feel its working for you, you can go with it.

Starter Pack – 19$/monthPro Pack – 69$/monthEnterprise – 299$/month
10 alerts20 alerts50 alerts
50,000 mentions/mo200,000 mentions/mo500,000 mentions/mo
History: 5,000 mentions per alertHistory: 20,000 mentions per alertHistory: 50,000 mentions per alert
In-app analyticsShareable analytics & reportsShareable analytics & reports
Data ExportData Export

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Custom Plan

If none of the plans mentioned above work for you, then you can get in touch with the Awario team and curate a custom plan for you with a custom pricing.

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Final Words

So that was pretty much the information I had about the app. Coming to my experience with the app, it was pretty amazing. Though I didn’t try it with my brand, I tried some other brand to test out, and the results are quite satisfying.

So in my honest opinion, the pricing is fair in comparison to the features. I would strongly recommend you to try the free trail once and go for the paid version if things work out well. 

9 Total Score

Awario is one of the innovative tools that can help you find the mentions about specific keyword anywhere on the web.

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