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Beats Powerbeats Pro Review – Truly Wireless

Beats is doing well. The company has been supplying headphones with improved Apple smarts for quite some time, and perhaps the most significant release in real wireless headphones in recent months will come in the form of the Beats Powerbeats Pro. The Beats Powerbeats Pro uses the great H1 chip from Apple, adds the well-known sound quality of Beats, and offers an impressive battery life. But are the headphones worth $250 to buy? You’ll get all your answers in our Beats Powerbeats Pro Review.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Review – Design

The first thing you notice about the Beats Powerbeats Pro is their design, and they are instantly recognizable. The headphones provide an ear hook to hold them securely on your head and prevent the headphones from falling off. The y are built with one main arm that extends over an inch and then bends around in the ear hook. The Powerbeats Pro headphones are available in different colors, so there must be something for everyone. We’ve opted for the Black model, but if you’re a little more colorful, you’ll probably find something that fits your style better.

The re are two buttons on each button – one on the logo and one on the side of the main arm. The y are both easy to use and push down – ensuring that they are not pushed deeper into the ear canals.

Of course, one for the Best things about the Powerbeats Pro is its excellent connectivity technology. Pairing the headphones with your iPhone is a piece of cake – open the case with the headphones in it, keep it close to your iPhone, and it should appear on display for easy pairing. Once done, the device will be automatically linked to an Apple Watch and your Mac, as long as they are signed in to your Apple account. It’s pretty amazing, and it feels like the headset is part of Apple’s ecosystem.

The charging case looks great, but it is a lot bigger than many others. So much so that it’s a bit uncomfortable in a bag, so if you’re looking for something pocket-sized, it might be worth looking elsewhere or buying a few AirPods. You will receive a Lightning port on the back of the housing. We would have preferred a USB-C port here, and maybe the next generation of Powerbeats Pro headphones offers one, but for now, you are stuck with Lightning.


Aside from the headphones themselves, the box comes with a Lightning cable for charging and a total of four pairs of earbuds, which is always lovely.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Review – Comfort

It may take a few seconds to put on the Powerbeats Pro headphones, but once they are on, they are quite comfortable. The ear hook is especially useful here. Rarely do we find a pair of excellent wireless headphones that work great for sports use, but these are such a couple – so if you’re looking for something to take to the gym, the Powerbeats Pro headphones might be The Best choice. Even though the headphones are relatively comfortable, it is still worth experimenting with different earplugs to find the one that best fits your ears.

Sound and Performance

Beats headphones are a bit famous because of the frequency adjustment, but we don’t mind. Now, these headphones are not for audiophiles who want something ultra-natural – but if you like the idea of ​​a little extra strength for gym training, or if you don’t mind tweaking a few, this one sounds headphones great.

As you would expect from a Beats headphone, the bass is at the front and center here – but it’s not too exaggerated. Sure, kick drums, and other low frequencies get a decent boost, but instead of getting muddy, low frequencies sound around a bit more. The mid-tones are pretty scooped up. The re are many low mid-tones, which makes for a warm sound, but the high mid-tones seem to have gotten a bit of a cut – and the result is that vocals and guitars can sound a little further back in the mix.

The high end is, fortunately, pretty good. Some may want a little extra clarity and detail, but in general, there is enough sizzle in the cymbals and biting in that rock song. The Powerbeats Pro headphones offer no noise cancellation, but in the end, these are sports headphones, so you probably wouldn’t expect any noise reduction.

Apple’s H1 chip not only provides easier connectivity on the Powerbeats Pro but also improves connectivity. We never experience that the headphones are dropping out or skip, whether we play audio from an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Review – Battery Life

The battery runtime on the headphones is also pretty impressive. Beats assess the headphones for up to nine hours on a single charge, and in our experience, that was right. That is much better than most other real wireless headphones out the re. The charging case gives the headphones an additional 24 hours, which means that you do not have to charge the headphones for two consecutive weeks.


The Beats Powerbeats Pro is the headphone if you want a real wireless headphone that will stay in your ears. The y are certainly a bit expensive, but they are well designed, sound great, and offer a significant number of great connectivity functions thanks to the H1 chip, at least if you’re an iPhone user. Of course, there are cheaper headphones that are worth considering. That said, however, they are – in our opinion – Apple’s best workout headphones so far, thanks to small additions such as the ear hooks, pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric vent, their long battery life, and superior sound quality.

So buy these earbuds if you’re an Apple-loving athlete who appreciates better sounding music and features like hands-free Hey Siri and doesn’t mind paying a little more for those things.

8 Total Score
Beats Powerbeats Pro Review

The real wireless Powerbeats Pro is a big step forward for Apple's headphones brand. The y have their limitations (see: lack of noise reduction, limited sound insulation, and IPX4 classification), but they are Apple's most premium training buttons.

Sound and Performance
Battery Life
Value For Money
  • Easy pairing with iOS
  • Immaculate fit
  • Enjoyable sound
  • The case is fairly bulky
  • Limited noise isolation
  • Only IPX4 rated
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