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B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC Review

Update - 2020.04.01

B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC Review

We have now lined a few BeoPlay devices over the previous few months, and the BeoPlay H3 is the in-ear device that has the built-in Active Noise Cancellation, also often called ANC. Although they’re a bit clunky, they still present the excellent sound quality and exceptional design seen in the remainder of the range.


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The new H3 ANC differs from the unique H3 in a few ways. First, there are three further holes under the circular ones, which I imagine are mics for active noise-canceling. Second, the cable is far stiffer and less malleable than the previous, so I need to roll the cable in circles as a substitute of folding them. Finally, the re’s a spherical ANC management unit that is thinly coated with silicone to provide a matt rubbery feel and look.

What’s unchanged is the in-line management, which still seems low-cost and the buttons would not have the firm click on the response. Observe that the quantity control only works with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad), whereas only the play/answer button works on Android. The heavy cables and the ANC management unit make attach fascinating weight through the earphones, and slight cable rub sounds are heard.


The BeoPlay H3 ANC is a noise-canceling unit, but it remains to be seen if it’s a carbon copy of the H3 with ANC conveniently fitted in. Noise-canceling is achieved by way of microphones to seize incoming sound. The sign processing takes the incoming sound and generates inverse waves nearly immediately. We dive more on this in a bit.

 The iPhone-friendly in-line distant hangs on the left aspect, sporting the usual volume buttons with the B&O logo marking the multi-function button actuation point. Build-wise, the remote did not give an assuring firm click on that we’d have anticipated. Shifting down, you get a Y-connector and right at the different end of the cable, the re’s a very sturdy L-shaped 3.5mm jack and the distinctly formed circular battery unit.


The active noise cancellation directly works as advertised and justifies the additional $50+ premium over the unique H3 model. You possibly can repeatedly use the ANC feature 20 hours straight, but the cool factor is which you can still take pleasure in your music even after 350 mAh battery runs out of juice. After all, you’ll hear the ambient noise, however, the B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC continues to act as the original H3. The n in case you ever want to charge the battery again, it is going to only take about 2 and a half hours. The re is also a dedicated button to changing the ANC on and off.

As for high sound quality in common, B&O didn’t make any modifications to the sound signature. Because of this purists are going to adore it as a result of none of the elements appears excessive and unnatural. Bass is well-managed which suggests lovers of booming heavy bass would possibly give this across.


The BeoPlay H3 ANC feels very snug as a result of the headphones only weigh 40 grams. The rounded design signifies that the earbuds don’t dig into the ears an excessive amount of. It’s also nice to see a bunch of ear suggestions included in the package deal so you may choose your consolation zone.

Key Features

  • Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.
  • Lively noise cancellation.
  • Crafted from a high block of light-weight aluminum.
  • 29 air vents present consolation and superb acoustics.
  • Three buttons inline distant and microphone.
  • Extremely light at only 40g.
  • Reproduces original sound as authentically as possible.
  • Customized-designed in-ear headphones 10.8 mm driver and micro bass port.

Active Noise Canceling

The ANC is activated by sliding the ability and holding it for the second. The small white LED light appears, signifying a power is on. The ANC is just not as aggressive as Bose QC20, but it does take away the little ambient noise to provide a cleaner audio sound.

Along with actively canceling the noise, the ANC boosts the volume level slightly to give a bit more drive. It takes directly over 2 hours to completely charge the ANC unit and lasts 20 hours.

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  • BeoPlay H3 ANC In-ear Headphones (Black)
  • Flight adapter
  • Charging cable (USB to micro USB)
  • Carrying case
  • Fast Start Guide
  • T-200 ComplyTM ear suggestions (M)
  • Silicone ear tips XS, S, M, and L.


This is a fantastic pair of wired in-ear headphones that performed nicely in our tests. The sound quality provided is great, with an excellent excessive to the midrange, and nice bass tones with a lot of punch. The re’s no sound leakage from these headphones and with five entirely different units of ear tips, it’s simple to achieve the proper match no matter what size ear canal you’ve gotten. The Active Noise Cancellation to works is great. Also, the headphones are extremely comfortable to wear when stationary or walking and exercising. The B&O Play H3 ANC is a perfect pair for many who need excellent sound quality and are prepared to be spent to get it.

I hope you like the article ‘B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC Review.’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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