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Collect call app for iPhone: Review And Features

Collect call app for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Collect call app for iPhone Review

Dial the inmates' phone numbers to reach you on matters!

Use FlyMobi with IC solutions, Connect networks, GTL Global Tel Link, Telmate, Pay Phone, Corlinks, JayPay, Securus, NCIC or any other service provider to save money on calls immediately.

group call:
Group calls allow you to add multiple in-person phone numbers to reach friends and family members by dialing a local number. This makes it affordable, easy and convenient to stay connected.

FlyMobi is a licensed and authorized, friendly phone company that saves money for friends and family.

With FlyMobi with the Facility Service Provider you can talk more, save more and share FlyMobi with friends and family.

Receive free collect calls from inmates by redeeming bonus points that FlyMobi offers you when you finance a Disability Deposit.

Save now and use the app to talk and share with friends and family or to transfer your calls from the app to any mobile phone.

You get tons of features that you can use for free and help keep you in touch with your detainees.

How does FlyMobi work?

American institutions:

FlyMobi offers over 2000 authorized facilities. (Contact us with the name and address of the institution) for prices and authorization.
Use a local FlyMobi number with the following Facility Service Providers, Corrlinks, JayPay, GTL Global Tel Link, Network Connects, IC Solutions, Telmate, Legacy Inmate, Securus Inmate Calls, or another service provider to save 80% or more now.

FlyMobi Canada

Use a local number for the following facilities in Canada to reduce the call rate. We'll show you how to authorize and use your number.

Millhaven Institution (Maximum)
Matsqui Institution (Medium)
Regional treatment center (maximum)
Collins Bay Institution (Medium)
Fenbrook Institution (Medium)
Joyceville Institution (medium)
Warkworth Institution (Medium)
Bath Institution (Minimum)
Beaver Creek Institution (Minimum)
Frontenac Institute (minimum)
Pittsburgh Institute (minimum)

Canadian women's institutions

Fraser Valley Institution for women
Edmonton Institution for women
Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge
Grand Valley Institution for women
Joliette institution for women
Nova institution for women

UK facilities:
Use a local FlyMobi number with the inmate service provider to save money on every call. You can select a U.K number that is local to the device from which you receive calls.

Terms and Conditions:

How to accept group calls:
FlyMobi on Verizon Cell Phone, T-Mobile Cell Phone, At & T Cell Phone, Sprint Cell Phone and many other cell phone service providers makes a great way to collect call where it is local for the caller and up to 90% cheaper for you ,

FlyMobi is a prepaid calling card company. All transactions are non-refundable and expire each month at no additional charge.

Using FlyMobi means that you can use the terms of use of our websites and applications for their use and best practices.

To use FlyMobi, please follow the instructions you received for your calling country in the welcome email you receive when registering.

Contact FlyMobi if we can help you with the tutorial, register and get FlyMobi ready for use.

To receive free calls from jail on the phone:

You will receive bonus points that you add to your FlyMobi account for payments and payments each time you fund your account balance account with FlyMobi. Redeem your Reward Points at any time to use them and get free collect calls or minutes from your inmate.

Discover the secret you do not want to know!

We know secrets that use facilities to help you avoid high fees, government fees, prisoner fees, and tolls.

Talk to us to learn more about how we can save you money starting with your next call.

Please rate and review our application, your experience counts!

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