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Elephone P8000

Elephone P8000- Introduction

elephone p8000 introduction

As we know Elephone released over 20 devices the previous year to the market ranging from super budget devices under $70 like the Elephone G1 to the mid-range smartphone like the recently released P7000. Elephone may not be the most well-known Android smartphone builder out the re, but like its other Chinese OEM equivalent, the company churns out a solid present that feature price points that are competitive and affordable. All of these phones have one big thing in common despite the differences in their build quality and internal part; all of them push the boundaries of what was thought to be possible at a certain price range. Today we’re here with an another device from Elephone is P8000. Read below P8000 review!

Elephone P8000- Design

Elephone P8000 deisgn

Elephone P8000 retains a lot of the design elements of its predecessor, but that isn’t a bad thing in this case. The back panel of Elephone P8000 comes with a carbon fiber texture that will remind you of the carbon fiber D brand skin, with the metal band, the P8000 offers a surprisingly premium build that you wouldn’t expect from a device in this price range.

The device feels very substantial and solid in the hand with its weight and thickness of 205 grams and 10.1 mm, but this more heft is worth it, considering that it makes room for a big 4,000 mAh battery. The P8000’s back cover is removable, giving you the path to the dual SIM card slots and the microSD card slot.

Elephone P8000- Display

Elephone P8000 display

The P8000 has a 5.5-inch display, which is a little long than an average phone released of 2020. Because its display is over 5.3 inches, this phone also qualifies as a phablet. The screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, making it a 1080p HD screen. Display sharpness can be measured in the density of pixels per SQ. an inch of screen, and at 400 PPI, it’s 1.5 times bright than the average phone released of 2020.

Elephone P8000- Camera

Elephone P8000 camera

Elephone P8000 comes with a 13 MP rear camera with an LED flash and a 5 MP front-facing camera. As good as it sounds on record, the camera, unfortunately, produces only average looking shots. The P8000 uses a Samsung  S5K3L2 13-megapixel sensor on the back side of the phone with 1.127-micron pixels and a f/2.0 lens. The lower f-stop lens helps make up for the little pixels on the sensor and performs quite well, especially at this price point.

Image quality was excellent, with solid colors and lots of details. HDR mode is only useful in situations with non-moving head, such as evening pictures or things like that. Video quality was quite good and the camera really did a fabulous job of choose up crisp, clean 1080p video without nasty compression artifacts or other characteristic as seem to be present in some phones at this price range. Overall this is an impressive camera with some shortcomings, but nothing that is going to be a deal roller when you’re looking to spend this kind of money.

Elephone P8000- Software

Elephone P8000 software

The new Elephone P8000 runs latest Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box, with the custom Elephone UI on top. As is seen with other design user interfaces from Chinese OEMs, there is not an app drawer available, leaving users dependent on folders to keep things organized. As usual Elephone P8000 keeps the look and feel of Android as stock as possible and only combined features where necessary to enhance the experience.  Total these are very useful features, even if there are not pages and pages of them to be found.

Elephone P8000- Hardware

Elephone P8000- Hardware

The P8000 comes with 16 GB of onboard storage, more expandable via microSD card by up to 64 GB. The device also packs a regular suite of connectivity choice and also comes with 4G LTE support in select markets. The Elephone P8000 features a sharply metal build, well advertised by Elephone in the pre-order process for the device.  This is not just any light aluminum element frame, though, this is some seriously heavy duty metal. At 203g, we’re talking a pretty large phone no concern how you slice it, but that big feeling is a quality heavy as it is quickly obvious the phone is made of metal. Basically, the Elephone P8000 is not going to be a good option at all if you’re in the US.

Elephone P8000- Battery

Elephone P8000 battery

MediaTek’s processors aren’t just known for their speed at the given price, they are also known for their low power consumption.  Add that to a massive 4,165mAh battery, which is 50% longer than your average smartphone battery, and you can apparently already guess just how amazing this battery life is. Standby time is nothing short of brilliant, and lasting nearly a week when left alone for long periods of time is obviously not unheard of if you are taking it on a trip or someplace that it isn’t going to be used often.

Elephone P8000- Processor and Memory

Elephone P8000 processor & memory

The Elephone P8000 houses an octa-core Media Tek MT6753 system on a chip. Its CPU runs at 1.5 GHz, which is a bit large than average for a phone’s CPU. With 3 GB of RAM, the P8000 has much more memory than other phones released of 2020.

Elephone P8000- Verdict

Elephone P8000 verdict

For $170 Elephone P8000 going to be tough to find a phone with excellent battery life, a higher quality build, as smooth of performance or as good of a display as is found on the Elephone P8000. This is a remarkable phone that’s well worth the money spent on it, even with its flaky fingerprint sensor.

As impressive as this device looks on paper, there are a lot of issues that show up when it comes to real world performance. While the battery life is amazing, and the display, other than some quality control issues, is excellent, there are some glaring flaws that are hard to overlook.

8.5 Total Score
Elephone P8000

The Elephone P8000 gets a lot right, including its good display, nice design and solid build quality, and excellent battery life, and it also nice to see the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner with a device in this price range.

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