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Ezzi TV: Universal remote for Sony & LG Smart TV: Review And Features

Ezzi TV: Universal remote for Sony & LG Smart TV: Review And Features

Description of Ezzi TV: Universal remote for Sony & LG Smart TV Review

Ezzi TV app is the most convenient universal remote control for your smart home theater. serious

With Ezzi TV, you can control multiple devices simultaneously from the iPhone (see full list below). Watch movies, enjoy TV shows, navigate through menus, adjust volume, or save favorite settings as actions. Get into the desired mode with a tip!

Ezzi TV supports many popular smart TV brands like Sony Bravia, LG WebOS, Samsung Smart TVs (made before 2014), Media Player (TiVo, Roku and Dune) and Apple TV (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation). The app also has limited support for Samsung Tizen Smart TVs (for example 6 series). You can now use Tizen TV to create actions to turn them on and adjust their volume.

The app works over Wi-Fi and does not require any additional software or hardware. All your devices need only be connected to your iOS device with a local Wi-Fi network. MORE other devices will come soon

With Ezzi TV you can:
• Use your iPhone as a universal remote control for your smart TVs, media players and HD receivers.
• Control your home theater devices individually or together in an "action";
• Set observation parameters and save them as "action";
• Play scenarios with any combination of supported devices with just one tap;
• Set the desired TV channel;
• Set up the output device.
• Set up the input (connection port) for your device (this option is particularly useful if your TV is connected to many source devices (STBs) at the same time: game console, media player, sound system, etc.) Device) Ezzi TV should be used during the action choose)
• Enable subtitles on Apple TV 3rd generation

And since Ezzi TV 0.9.4 you can quickly access your devices from Widget.
Just swipe down to open the iPhone Notification Center widget and select your smart home device in the Ezzi TV widget.

To experience a new home theater experience with Ezzi TV, just:
– Get the app;
– Turn on your Smart TVs, HD receivers or Apple TV and connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.
– Connect it to Ezzi TV for the simple on-screen manual;
– Create actions with your devices and customize the settings you want to share (for example, connect your Sony TV and Apple TV, turn them on immediately, and turn on the volume at 8);
– Play the combination of settings with a tap by performing the appropriate action.

Please note: In order to access your smart TVs and media players from your widget, you must first associate them with the Ezzi TV app and then add the Ezzi TV widget to your notification center.

If you have questions about Ezzi TV, contact us via online support in the app or write a letter to

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