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Fashion Dream for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Fashion Dream for iPhone Review

Help Vera fulfill her Fashion Dream!

Vera has a strong sense of fashion design and she has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since she was a teenager. However, she was born into a poor family and she could not afford to go to fashion school. In order to realize their fashion dream, they founded together with Mario their own fashion business. And your job is to work with them to run the store.
This is a fast time management game. Drag and drop to serve each customer. Measure them and design the right cloths for them. Do not let them wait too long, otherwise they will get angry and leave.
Add value to your savings. Better items / equipment results in better performance.

1. Fashion time management game.
2. 3 stunning scenes!
3. 30 levels with 8 different characters!
4. Several upgradeable elements.
5. Fun-to-play mini-games!

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