FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax: Review And Features

FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax: Review And Features

Description of FAX.PLUS – Receive & Send Fax Review

With FAX.PLUS you can send and receive faxes easily and quickly on your smartphone!

Drop your fax machine and access your faxes anywhere, anytime from any device (computer, smartphone, and tablet). Just download our free application or use our website at https://www.fax.plus to start sending and receiving faxes.

FAX.PLUS offers a free plan with which you can fax up to 10 pages!
Entrepreneur, professional or company? Take a look at our selection of plans to find the one that suits you best! Our range of plans starts at $ 4.99 per month and allows you to receive a local fax number from over 40 countries, from which you can receive and send faxes to over 150 countries.

Features and Benefits:

• Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere
• Send fax by e-mail (e-mail to fax)
• Programmable fax API
• Scan documents with your mobile camera (automatic document recognition, edge trimming, perspective correctness)
• Upload and attach your documents (supported formats: Microsoft Office documents, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF) from your device or cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox).
• Add a cover page to your fax with our Add Text feature
• Sign your documents or faxes and send them back without printing them!
• Forward, reply, or resend your faxes to a fax machine
• Send a fax to your contacts stored in your mobile phone
• Organize your fax archive by adding notes to sent and received faxes
• Schedule your fax to be sent on a specific date and time
• To ensure the maximum delivery rate, enable the Try Again Faxes feature in the options on the Send Fax page. All faxes that are not sent are resent at an interval that you specify.
• Receive a notification of your sent and received faxes to your e-mail address. Do you need to notify more people? Configure up to 5 e-mail addresses!
• Send fax to a fax machine: If you enable this feature, your target contact will hear a pre-recorded message saying, "This is a fax call. To receive, press Start."

Frequently asked Questions:

• I just have to send a few faxes a month or a year, do I have to pay something?
Not at all. Our free plan is tailored to your needs as you can send faxes to local and international numbers with up to 10 pages *.

* In some cases, faxes sent to specific destinations can be counted as multiple pages. Detailed information on prices for each destination can be found on our price page: www.fax.plus/pricing.

• I have to receive faxes and have no fax number. Is FAX.PLUS a good solution for me?
Certainly! To receive faxes, you must upgrade to our "Basic" or "Premium" plans, which are as low as $ 4.99 per month.

• Is FAX.PLUS available for each country?
Yes, you can send faxes locally and internationally to more than 150 countries! And if you need to receive faxes, you can get a number from the US, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Germany, France, and many other countries. Check the list of our currently available locations on our website.

• What happens if FAX.PLUS does not provide a fax number from my country?
We are constantly adding new local numbers. If you need to receive faxes in your country that are not up-to-date with which we work, please contact our customer support (support@fax.plus) and we'll get back to you as soon as you receive a local fax number Country.

• Do I need a telephone or fax line to use FAX.PLUS?
No. Your internet connection is only needed if you want to send a fax or check your archive! Your fax number is always enabled and ready to receive new faxes even when you are not online.

Any questions or requests? Do not hesitate to contact us on our website, app or by e-mail at support@fax.plus. Our Customer Support Team is happy to help!

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