iTajweed Quran for iPhone: Review And Features

iTajweed Quran for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of iTajweed Quran for iPhone Review

Alhumdulillah with the grace of Almighty Allah (God) the much awaited 13 line COLOUR CODED iTajweed Quran application is available FREE [Fisabillillah) to download for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

This application is very easy to use with simple easy to use arrows and cursors to browse and navigate throughout the whole Qur’an app. Color codes have been used throughout to distinguish all Tajweed rules. The reader can find out the definition of any Tajweed rule and clarification.

Some Features Include:

– Bookmarks are available for easy access at any given time.
– This application can be viewed both in landscape and portrait mode.
– Quick launch Tajweed rules button
– Quick launch Tajweed colour code button
– Surah Search Function


Please respect the words of Allah (God) and always consult your local Ulamah (Scholars) for the correct recitation.

Please remember all those involved in your Duaa’s (Prayers)

Download from Itunes

‘I hope you like the Review of iTajweed Quran for iPhone for iPhone. Stay tuned for more updates’

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