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iTextFast Free – The Best free texting speed typing test: Review And Features

Description of iTextFast Free – The Best free texting speed typing test Review

iTextFast is a game for people who like to write lyrics! It's a fun way to find out how fast you can type in the usual text jargon compared to the rest of the world.

In each level you will try to write a word or phrase as fast as possible. Read the word in the middle of the screen and then click on "I'm ready" when you're done. A timer starts counting from 3 onwards. As soon as he GO! Read, quickly tap the text box below to start typing. Write the word or phrase as fast as possible, then press the Send key or the Return key on the keyboard. If you enter each letter correctly, you will be given your time and have the choice to try again, get a faster time, or move to the next level. The Best times are stored for each level on your device. Only level 1 is unlocked first, but entering the text correctly at each level unlocks the subsequent levels. Each level increases slightly in difficulty. As you complete each level, a total best time will appear on the level selection page.

In the paid version, the last level is a paragraph used by Guinness World Records to test people's text speed. The current world record posted on their website is 25.94 seconds by Melissa Thompson on August 22, 2010. See how fast you can do it! Maybe you are the next world record holder for the fastest copywriter!


This is the free version of iTextFast. It keeps your best times or unlocked levels when you close the app. It also does not include Game Center leaderboards or the last level that contains the world record paragraph used to test SMS speed. You must upgrade to the paid version to get these features.

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