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Mirror for Sony TV Cast: Review And Features

Description of Mirror for Sony TV Cast Review

The application is used to mirror everything on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to Sony Smart TV. You do not have to install another app on your TV to mirror your screen. Both your TV and your devices only need to use the same Wi-Fi network to start mirroring. This app is useful, reliable and totally FREE for now.

Now you can play games on your iPhone and iPad and watch great gameplay on your TV. You can transfer videos and photos on your iPhone and iPad to your TV. You can make presentations from your iPhone & iPad and your watch on TV. The re are many applications for this great screen mirroring application.

The app is different from many other TV casting apps in the App Store. Our delay time is great. It only depends on your network from 1s to 3s.

– Mirror everything on the iPhone, iPad and iPod screen on Sony TV
– Super low delay time from 1s to 3s
– Transfer videos of any size to Sony Smart TV
– You do not need to install an app on your TV
– Mirror at the highest screen resolution your TV supports
– The highest sound quality mirror your TV supports

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