Monster SuperStar BackFloat Review

Monster SuperStar BackFloat

The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is a water-proof bluetooth speaker designed to drift alongside you when you are lying in a pool. The speaker has an attractive design, powerful bass and crisp audio. With 7 hours of playback time, the power to answer calls and a compact, light-weight physique it’s the good companion to trips to the beach and different outside excursions.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat: Design

Monster SuperStar BackFloat

Monster SuperStar BackFloat Design

The design of the Monster SuperStar BackFloat is attractive and rugged looking. The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is available in 2 trendy color choices. Both are black with either neon blue or neon green highlights. The back and sides are covered in a silicone rubber and the front is a thick hard plastic. The Monster SuperStar BackFloat is advertised as shockproof so we tried some light destructive tests. First, we dropped it on it’s soft rubbery bottom onto concrete from about 3′ and then 6′ high twice each with out problem. The n the same take a look at on it is supple silicone sides. Finally, we dropped it on it is plastic front from 3′ and then 6′ twice every onto concrete again which it impressively handled minus a couple little scratches on the plastic. In any case that testing we can sure say that any accidental drop from a reasonable distance will most positively not break your Monster SuperStar BackFloat.

Throughout testing found the battery life to be a bit over 7 hours at 75% volume. Although one damaging is the charge time on the Backfloat appeared pretty long at roughly 2.5 hours. The Backfloat additionally comes with a handy mesh carrying bag for proper storage.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat: Connectivity

Monster SuperStar BackFloat

Monster SuperStar BackFloat Connectivity

My judgement of connecting to the Monster SuperStar BackFloat was directly related to if I wanted the directions or not to connect my phone. Turns out I didn’t. So good job Monster. Connecting can simply be done within the bluetooth settings of the phone.

Now, switching from user to user was a bit trickier. After some fiddling we found holding down the bluetooth button for three seconds on the Monster SuperStar BackFloat would let you switch users. The range of the bluetooth functionality we found to be about 50′ without any obstacles between your music player and the Monster SuperStar BackFloat.  Monster advertises a 33′ wireless range.

The bluetooth additionally lets you reply calls from your phone which is good because who desires to get out of the pool while you do not have to?? We found the call clarity sufficient but not so good as speaking directly into your phone. One other good feature of the Monster SuperStar BackFloat is when you connect your device a voice comes on and tells you if you’re connected or not.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat: Performance

Monster SuperStar BackFloat

The sound that comes out of this portable little bundle is seriously impressive. The 2 bass radiators and 2 front full-range drivers take away that typical small speaker “tinny” sound away and provides you a full bodied sound. Now do not take this as an endorsement to carry a concert with the Backfloat, crank it up to 11 and think you will be good to go. No, not the case. But for the average backyard BBQ or dare I say pool party this little man will crank out your favorite jams with gusto.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat: Water Resistance

Monster SuperStar BackFloat

Monster SuperStar BackFloat Water resistent

So, that is actually what we’re interested in. 1st we introduced it within the shower and playfully splashed it. The n we held it instantly under the shower head for 10 seconds or so filling the speaker cavities and the Backfloat stored on a rockin. The n we filled up our sink with water and OMG it floated!! The n we held it fully under water like my old high school wrestling team used to do to me within the pool but unlike me the Backfloat came right back with none hurt feelings!

Good job again Monster.

Monster SuperStar BackFloat: Verdict

Monster SuperStar BackFloat

Monster SuperStar BackFloat Verdict

It’s a enjoyable speaker that you want as your constant companion this summer season. And because of its simple portability, water resistance feature, and overall sturdiness, it’ll help flip any drab day by the pool into a pool party. It is a good gift for the out of doors adventurer in your life who simply loves music, or for many who wish to make bath time a bit of bit more energetic.


  • Waterproof, rugged, shockproof IPX6 rated speaker that can float
  • Good build quality with attractive feel and look
  • Solid bass and crisp audio
  • Can answer/end calls
  • Compact and portable


  • More pricey than different waterproof bluetooth speakers available on the market

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