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Ninja Revinja Online – Real Kids Racing Runner: Review And Features

Description of Ninja Revinja Online – Real Kids Racing Runner Review

** The games in 7 countries !! **
The Ninja Revinja Action is packed with all your Japanese favorite attacks. Closer than a Tokyo commuter train with incredible Ninjitsu action – like the ability to dodge obstacles, walk on walls, twist tight turns, and throw ninety stars with deadly accuracy! Ichi Ban!

"Easy to learn, incredibly difficult to master!"
-Ben K.
"Great graphics, smooth gameplay, around A + game."
-Katherine H.
"I love how the music gets more intense as the game progresses."
-Mike D.

-> Amazing 3D graphics
-> Exciting gameplay
-> Intuitive control
-> Upgrades to increase your score
-> Build your Score Multiplier during games by collecting Ninja Stars

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