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LG G5 Review

LG G5 Review

LG G5 Unlocked Phone, 32 GB Titan (US Warranty)
$499.00 $649.99

Our industry-standard tests image quality and performance throughout a range of categories, including exposure, autofocus, color, and others. Scoring consistently well in all picture categories, the G5 is a strong and reliable smartphone for photography enthusiasts. It’s best scores have been achieved for exposure and contrast, thanks to its well-balanced and pleasant goal exposures, which produce fantastic outcomes in each outdoor and low-light situations.

LG G5 Review

Autofocus was also a strong point for stills, thanks to its quick and accurate performance, along with face detection and stabilization features. The G5’s 16Mp sensor, HDR mode, wide-angle lens and geo-tagging capabilities also commend it to photographers in structure, landscape, and street photography. What’s more, the high-resolution chip captures amazing levels of texture and detail, which will be appreciated by photographers in recording intricate and complex scenes.

For videographers, the G5 boasts a 2160p/30fps Ultra HD resolution for watching mobile videos on larger screens with high resolution. Video exposure is a strong point, however, reaching The Best score in our video tests, and video autofocus remain fast in all situations.


LG G5 Review


You could be ignored for mistaking the LG G5’s ‘microdose’ metal body for plastic, and the re’s a YouTube teardown video that realistically spells this out. To that end, you need to think probably of it more as metallic paint, and not a fully-fledged metal back. However, the matte finish is grippy and pleasing.

The LG G5 sits somewhere in between the HTC 10, Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9 at 149x734x7.7mm and 159g.

Elsewhere you will find a micro SD slot/dual SIM on the right and volume on the left. The USB-C port on the bottom and headphone jack sit on the top.

The re’s a choice of Silver, pink, gold and Titan (charcoal).


LG G5 Review

It comes with a 5.3-inch Quantum IPS display with a high resolution of 1560×1440 pixels. This outcome in a pixel density of around 554 PPI, so the contents are sharp. Only the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (801 PPI) achieves a much higher pixel density within the comparison.

We can measure as much as 809 cd/m² and still around 700 cd/m² with an even combination of bright and dark areas (APL 50). When you prefer the manual control, you’re restricted to 400 CD/m². It’s fortunate that the black level remains constant in all situations. 0.43 cd/m² is a decent outcome and allows an excellent contrast ratio of 1823:1.

Whereas the brightness and contrast are on a good level, the re’s still room for changes in term of colors. The grayscale shows a sharp blue cast in bright areas, so the image seems pretty cool. Colors perform slightly better. However, all of them show significant deviations from their superb values. Yellow tones tend towards green and red colors lightly towards magenta. However, this isn’t an issue in practice.

The color space coverage itself is excellent, and the sRGB reference is almost entirely covered.

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LG G5 Review

The LG G5 has the similar Snapdragon 820 chipset as the HTC 10. Graphics are controlled by the Adreno 530, and the re’s 4GB of RAM to maintain things ticking over. We put it via our usual routine of streaming audio, playing graphics-intensive games watching HD video, browsing and working with various productivity apps. It also has a fingerprint scanner on the back.


Introduced: 2016, February
Dimensions: 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7 mm
Weight: 159 g
Size: 5.3 inches
Resolution: 1440 x 2560 pixels
OS: Android OS, v6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
Storage: 32GB
Rear Camera: 16MP
Front Camera: 8MP
Battery: 2800 mAh
Price: $650 USD


LG G5 Review

LG joins Huawei and HTC in making dark noises about the camera technology. The y’re a regular 16MP and 8MP wide-angle on the back of the device assisted by laser autofocus and OIS.

Captured photographs present an excellent color palette and lots of sharp detail, and are just the type of quality we have come to require from a smartphone of 2021. However, the LG G5 bucks the bearing by adding a second wide-angle lens to proceedings.

The wide-angle camera provides a field of view that’s better than the human eye. It also has an 8MP front camera.


LG G5 Review

The OS of the LG G5 is Google Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow; that is the latest model as of this writing. LG has also added its user interface. You’ll feel right at home if you have used an LG smartphone before. The only new “feature” is the lack of an app drawer; otherwise, there are only visual changes.

As soon as again, you get the familiar apps similar to LG Health, Backup, Memo+, Quick Remote, SmartWorld and Smart Doctor. The re are also some third-party apps, including Facebook, Instagram, and Evernote., which can’t be deactivated or deleted.

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LG G5 Review

The LG G5 puts in a strong effort when it comes to the battery. At 2,800mAh it’s not the biggest by any means. However the huge draw here is that it’s removable, and that makes it one of a type of 2021 so far.

It supports Fast Charge 3.0 too, which will get you back to business on a 50 percent charge in around 30 minutes. We managed to get close to enough a working day’s use before it required to be charged.


LG G5 Review

The LG G5 is an impressive experiment. Its modular slot on the bottom of the phone holds potential. However, I suspect it’ll never be filled. It does allow users to exchange the battery while still providing a solid smartphone.

The cameras are great fun; it has USB-C and a microSD card slot, a nice screen and beautiful design. However, small niggles such as the gaps where the chin connects, the plastic feel of the body, the sharp join lines, and disappointing battery life mean the G5 isn’t quite as good as the most effective available at the moment.

It’s certainly a power user’s device, with much more elasticity than almost all the other top-end smartphones available. It’s a good phone, just not a famous one.

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LG G5 Unlocked Phone, 32 GB Titan (US Warranty)
$499.00 $649.99

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