Ringtone Maker App for iPhone: Review And Features

Ringtone Maker App for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Ringtone Maker App for iPhone Review

Create unlimited ringtones from your MP3, iPod or iTunes music. Easy to handle song length and where to start with real waveform and indicator bar.


* Support call ringtone, text tones, mail age tones, Twitter age tones and calendar tones.
* Convert your iTunes music to a ringtone for free
* Create unlimited ringtones (no time limit!), Up to 40 seconds (no length restriction!)
* Share ringtones with your friends via email


After you've created your ringtones, you'll need to sync with iTunes on your iPhone / iPod. You can follow the steps in Help in this app. It's easy, if you still have problems, please contact us via email: a2ustartup.vietnam@gmail.com

1. This app is NOT intended for the exchange of illegal music files containing the property rights.

2. To protect the copyrights of third parties, we maintain a blacklist in the app. If you think we have violated your rights, please contact us at "a2ustartup.vietnam@gmail.com". We will block your resources!

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