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Roccat Tyon Review

Roccat Tyon

Gaming has modified. The trendy battlefield is an especially hostile place, with threats from the air, sea and land. How do you react to these additional dimensions of gameplay? Enter the Roccat Tyon, the all action multi-button gaming mouse that is the results of countless hours of design from the industry’s best minds, specifically tailored for modern, multi-vehicle warfare.

Roccat Tyon: Design

Roccat Tyon

Roccat Tyon Design

The Roccat Tyon is shown above and in many ways it appears like an extreme evolution of the Kone XTD. The physique is 13.5 x 7.8 x 4 cm, weighs 126 g and has a top surface which is rubber coated with Roccat branding utilized. On the sides of the left and right buttons, and two additional buttons that are configurable as is the clickable scroll wheel. The Dorsal Fin Switch options a left and right click on and is designed to permit quick execution of commands.

Turning to the sides of the mouse are a textured plastic. The right aspect is blank, the same can not be said of the left side. Over there the 1st item of note is a new position for the Easy-Shift[+] button, on the underside edge. Easy-Shift permits us to double up the functions of the mouse as pressing it prompts an alternate command for every button.  Above the Easy-Shift and thumb grove, 2 thumb buttons and then the re’s a completely new feature the X-Celerator Analog paddle. This single axis paddle permits us to tilt, pitch and throttle in games or change image zoom level in our OS.

Looking on the base of the Tyon 2 massive low friction feet and a large info sticker. Within the centre is our Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor with a maximum DPI of 8200. The Tyon additionally features a 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-Bit ARM based processor with 576 KB of memory for storage and it connects to our PC by 1.8m braided cable and USB 2.0 connector. The polling rate is 1000Hz with 1ms response time and a 16-bit data channel. In terms of speed we’ve 12000fps (10.8mp) with 30G acceleration, 3.8m/s and 150ips. Our lift off distance can be tailored to 1-5mm.

Roccat Tyon: Software & Performance

Roccat Tyon

Roccat Tyon Performance

Every button that the Roccat Tyon features as well as their location on its physique delivers a truly remarkable feeling steering an actual vehicle. And while that sounds quite absurd and understandably so, it is not until you are actually using the mouse the way it is intended, do you truly grasp the concept for the Roccat Tyon use-case.

Games similar to Battlefield 4 for instance, remapping the game vehicle keybindings from the keyboard to the mouse, is where the Roccat Tyon is clearly at it’s best. As of such, the software utility is highly recommended. Named the Roccat Tyon Driver, there is a strong sense of irony going on between the mouse bearing similarity to that of a tank and the user act the driver, as well as the required software drivers that the Roccat Tyon is reliant upon. If the military theme was not strong sufficient, switching between the DPI settings ends in the Roccat Tyon responding vocally. Intimidating? Hardcore? Let is simply say we are thankful the re’s no Camo-skinned UI.

Hardware features consisting of the Roccat Tyon include 14 programmable buttons, an 8200 DPI laser sensor, a 32-BIT processor with 576KB of memory, and a dedicated shift button which permits on-the-fly change for macro profiles. Serving as it is most outstanding feature, the dedicated shift button holds its main feature inside the types of games the mouse is designed for.

Roccat Tyon: Verdict

Roccat Tyon

Roccat Tyon Verdict

Purely when it comes to hardware, Roccat Tyon is excellent it has a fantastic type factor, with a great weight and comfortable grip. It additionally provides incredible customization ranging from simplistic lighting features to a Shift thumb-button that doubles the functionality of everything on the mouse.

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