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A review and step by step breakdown of the features it offers. Very easy to use and surprisingly concise, this website builder will amaze you with its good looking templates and functionalities.

Nowadays, it seems impossible ­ or at least not professional ­ to have a business or idea running without a website. It is The Best way on hand to show people what your business is about and increase brand awareness. People can instantly find you on the web and even become your customers in a matter of minutes. But to turn someone into a customer, you need to present yourself ahead of the competition with a great website. So how do you do that?

The re are many ways to get a website and SITE123 seems to be the easiest of all. Nevertheless, the most traditional one is by hiring either a designer and a programmer or a company that has both. Sometimes, that can be too much of a hassle. You need to get into long calls and meetings, explain exactly what you need, then wait to see a first draft that may be not anything like what you were expecting. The n, you ask for the first review, since they did not seem to understand what you needed. So you wait again until they make the changes, and when you think you will see a more refined version of your website, they present you something that looks even further away from what you were expecting.

That can go on for days on end. You talking to the designer, the designer talking to the programmer, the programmer getting back to the designer, then the designer getting back to you, and so on. But you barely seem to speak the same language and no one seems to understand one another until you get tired of this all and settle for a poor looking website with almost no functionalities. That can be very frustrating and has been happening all over since the beginning of the internet era.

With that in mind, innovators started to think about different ways through which they could make this whole process easier. That was when the first website builders came into play with their weird looks and not so intuitive interfaces (remember Geocities?). After this new industry was born, there have been a considerable number of website builders coming out every year. Each of them has its own unique features and even though they might all seem to do the same things, they are very different from each other. The question here is which one is The Best way to go. Sure enough, SITE123 is where you can get the finest looking websites within a matter of minutes.

According to Gartner, over 130 billion dollars (that is right, billions) are spent every year on websites and not everyone seems happy with what they are getting. If you want to avoid the hassle and be satisfied with your website, SITE123 may be the way to go.

How to build a website on SITE123?

This is how to make a website. The first step is to sign up by clicking on “START HERE”, which is right in front of you when you open

Tip: make sure you have 100% clear in mind what you want to have on your website. That includes colors, identity, images, content, etc. A market analysis conducted by Yahoo Finance stated that more than 16 million new websites are added to the World Wide Web every month. That means that to stand out from the crowd, you really have to have an amazing website. By having a clear picture of what you want in your mind before you start working on it will dramatically increase your chances of ending up with a unique and good looking website. In addition to that, this will save you a lot of time on the website builder. If you have all these aspects ready, you will be able to make your website within a few minutes!


Next, you will get to the Sign Up page. You can choose to sign up with a Facebook or Google account

(you can link or unlink those from your account later as you wish).

If you do not have one or do not want your website linked to them, you can create a new account. If you already have an account on SITE123, just click on “Already have an account? Click here to log in.”

bAfter you have signed up/logged in is when it starts to get exciting. On this step, you choose your website category. From Business to Creative Arts, there are many categories to choose from, and you will easily find yours among the options. If not, choose “Other”.

Notice that a chat balloon pops up with a welcome message. That is the SITE123 team welcoming you and letting you know that they are there to help if you have any questions. Unlike other “automatica agents”, SITE123 has a real support team. You will be chatting with a real person. This way you can rest assure that your questions and queries are read and answered in the most accurate and professional way.

cNow that you have picked your website category, you need to enter some relevant information. Some of this will actually go to your website, so make sure it is accurate.

If you are curious to see a preview of your template, you can quickly go through this step. All this information will be editable on the website editor later on.


After you have entered the information, the system will build your template, and it will take you to the website builder. The re, you will see a welcome message. Click on “Start building your website”. The system will take you on a quick tour through its aspects and features for you to get familiarized with it. By the end of this little tour, you will feel like you have been using this website builder for a long time.

eNow you will see your template. The basic themes are very clean and nice looking. Here is where you will be able to get the first feel of the website you will be working on. So carefully go through it to get familiar with the template and what you can do with it. If you do not see everything you need at first glance, remember you can add more pages and features as you go on.

Sometimes the images are a bit generic so keep in mind that it is all editable, and you can add and remove any pictures from your website at any time.

Your basic template is the re, and you have already gone through it. Let’s talk about how to make the first changes to your theme.

The menu is very straightforward. The re are four main sections: Homepage, Pages, Design and

Settings. Those sections cover everything you will be editing on your website at this point.

By taking a quick glance at the menu and at the preview of your website, you instantly understand why SITE123 is indeed the easiest website builder. The re are no hard settings or difficult parts. You do not need to waste time moving things around or adding widgets. After you understand how it works, you just upload content and edit each part pretty much like posting on Facebook.


The first part of your website that you want to edit is, of course, the homepage. That is where people will get to when they open your website, and it is very important because it will make the first impression on them.

By clicking on Homepage, you will see all the options available for editing. You can start by putting in your website name or uploading your logo. The nice part here is the Homepage Goal options. You can choose between: *Default

*Read More button

*Read More & Redirect buttons

*Redirect button

*2 Redirect buttons

*YouTube/Vimeo video (embedded)

*YouTube/Vimeo video (pop­up window)

*No text or buttons

The n you can input a title and a slogan. You can also leave either of these fields blank if you wish to have just one or another or even none of them but just the image the re.

Now click on the “DESIGN” button right below to change your background. You can choose between having one image or interchanging images on the background as well as a video background! If you prefer the standard style, you can surely have a background color only.


After you have made the desired changes to your homepage, go to the next menu item “PAGES.” Here is where you will be able to edit the pages that are currently on your website as well as add new ones. You can also delete any of the pages that you do not want by clicking on the little trashcan icon.

By clicking on “Add New Page” you will see various page options that you can add to your website.

The re are many categories, from Text to Galleries, Music and Sales.

Now that you have added the pages you need, you can edit each one of them. It is also good to go through the modules’ settings to take care of the SEO aspects of each one of them. You can add a Slogan and an SEO Meta description.


The third section of the menu is the “DESIGN”. Here you will be able to edit the Layouts, Styles, Fonts,

Menu Options, Footer Layouts, and Favicon & Social Images.

On the “LAYOUT” part, you can choose where each part of the website will be displayed – i.e. the menu on the top or on the sides, etc.

On “STYLES” is where you will choose the basic colors of your website. It is very important to pay close attention to the colors you choose. The y need to match your branding and look good with the rest of the content. Forbes recently stated that of 2021, we would see a continuous growth of the bold color trend, so keep an eye on those tonalities and make sure you fit them in.

The new feature “MENU OPTIONS” is great and allows you to add a search bar to your page as well as displaying your phone number and social media icons on the menu.

Another important part here is the “FAVICON & SOCIAL IMAGES”. The favicon is important to make your website stand out from the countless tabs people usually have opened on their web browsers. And needless to say, the social images are important because they connect your website to your social media pages.


Last but not least is the “SETTINGS” tab. Under “WEBSITE TYPE” you can choose if you want one page or a multipage website. You can also set any “TERMS & PRIVACY” agreements you may want to have on your website.

Here you should give special attention to the “SEO” settings as they are very important for ranking higher on search engines. The Homepage title, description, and keywords meta tags are very important if you want to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to SEO.

Another excellent feature here is the “PLUGINS” option. Available to upgraded users, they can be the secret sauce to your website, such as having a chat support. If you have not upgraded yet, do not worry. You can still use Google Analytics, which is indispensable for keeping track of all kinds of websites.


To make sure your website is coming out as you planned, you can always preview it by clicking on the blue “Preview” button. You have the option of seeing it as on a “Desktop,” “Desktop (Fit), “Tablet” and “Mobile.” That will give you the perfect visualization of how your website will look on each of those devices.


After you are done editing your website, you can simply log out or close your browser and come back to editing later – it saves all the changes automatically!

If you are all set to go and want to share your website, you just need to click on the “Publish” button, which is the big green button with a floppy disk inside.


What are the pros and cons of SITE123?

Now that we have gone over how to make a website on SITE123, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


*Very easy to edit and publish – if you can make a Facebook page you can make a website on SITE123

*Just add content and it is ready to go

*SEO features available for each page

*SEO features for the entire website


*It does not allow dragging and dropping

*No option to add HTML or other codes

*Most plugins available only for upgraded users

Are there any USPs (unique selling points)?

You bet there are. Here are the most prominent points.

*Customer support 24/7

*Sitemap automatically made by the system – this goes a long way when it comes to SEO *14­day refund guarantee if you do not like it

Why should I choose SITE123?

According to Virtually, about half of the new websites made every day are built by DIY users like you.

The se users have many options in hand when it comes to website builders. So why choose SITE123? The first reason is SITE123 is a free website builder, but it does not stop the re. The biggest advantages SITE123 offers are fully responsive layouts and websites adapted to all kinds of devices.  In addition to all the features mentioned above, SITE123 has very competitive pricing. And if you get a one­year, two­year or a three­year plan, you get 11%, 22% and 33% off respectively!

Take a look at their plans and features:

mDid you like the review? Did we miss something? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! References:­3217203­more­money­is­spent­on­websites­thandigital­advertising­design­industry­analysis­professionals­vs­amateurs­analysis­design­industry­180000355.html­design­trends­2016/#241b7e817b 4a

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