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Spendio – Spending Tracker for iPhone & Apple Watch: Review And Features

Description of Spendio – Spending Tracker for iPhone & Apple Watch Review

Spendio is an easy way to track and manage your money. This is the first app that lets you track your money on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Do not miss any spending or revenue by entering the data directly from your wrist. The data is synchronized with your iPhone and does not have to be taken out of the bag!

Create target and charge money every day, week or month to make your dream come true.

Add via Voice Watch via Apple Watch! Spendio will understand what you are saying. Just say what your expenses and sums are, for example, "Pay $ 399 for Apple Watch," "Get a Salary for $ 10,000," or "$ 14 for Lunch." Spendio will add these transactions for you. No need to type!

Create Wallet to separate your transactions. For example, if you travel aboard, you can create a wallet called Travel Aboard. Earnings or expenses that contribute to this wallet will not affect other wallets.


• Perfect for iPhone and Apple Watch.
• Create your goal.
• Add input using your voice.
• Create wallets to separate transactions.
• Transfer money between wallets
• Take a picture of your receipt. Never lost it!
• Elegance Chart & Report.
• Compare revenue or expenses
• Add a custom category with many icons.
• Specify the repetition of the transaction, for example, as a salary or as a payment.
• 17 different currency symbols.
• Just navigate to the next or previous month
• Backing up and restoring data through iCloud
• Password
• Automatic update of the transmission rate

Download from Itunes

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