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Spider Solitaire․: Review And Features

Description of Spider Solitaire․ Review

Play the FREE SPIDER SOLITAIRE card game on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

Spider Solitaire, is one of the most popular card games that millions of people like to play from the PC era. We've kept the game faithful to the spirit of the classic Spider Solitaire and now make it available on the go.

In Spider Solitaire you have to build stacks of cards of the same color from king to ace. For more fun and challenges, you can choose to play in Winning Deal, Random Shuffle and Daily Challenge modes, and you can also choose the difficulty of the game from the game with 1 to 4 colors.

Fun Daily Challenges every day: Every day you get a new solvable Daily Challenge, the Challenge triggers a crown for that day. Win medals from bronze to gold by collecting more crowns!

We have given this game a clean and intuitive interface, and carefully selected some nice theme packages for you, we would certainly enjoy the gameplay and also love the new looks, it will definitely be the Spider Solitaire that exceeds your expectations!

– Fresh and solvable daily challenges
– Classic Spider Solitaire gameplay
– Clean and user-friendly interface
– Clear design and easy-to-reach maps
– Beautiful theme packages: textures, flowers, pets, festival specials and more
– Custom map backs and backs
– 1 suit game (easiest)
– 2-color game
– 3-color game
– 4-color game (the hardest)
– Option for all winning offers
– Unlimited deal option allows you to trade cards with empty tableaus
– Simple tap to magically move to the expected destination
– Unlimited smart tips show potentially useful moves
– Unlimited Undo
– Interrupt friendly with automatic saving and resuming
– Standard Spider Solitaire Rating
– Timed mode
– Timers, trains and statistics
– Left-handed supported
– Tablet supported
– Offline playback and no data costs
– And so much more!

Download The Best free Spider Solitaire now and join millions of other players who are having fun NOW!

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