Steelseries sensei mouse review

Steel Series Sensei


Steelseries sensei- Introduction

SteelSeries Sensei just released a new gaming-grade mouse inspired by the Japanese martial arts called the Sensei that give 11,400 DPI of resolution. The Sensei is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor that controls the ExactTech settings for enhanced change calculation without having to rely on installed software, even on the user’s PC.

Steelseries sensei- Design

Steel Series Sensei mouse is ambidextrous and symmetrical, and its streamlined shape keeps it suitable for both palm and claw players of any hand size. In fact, this accessibility comes at a price: the Sensei isn’t ergonomic and doesn’t offer an optimized experience for any type of player. To call the mouse uncomfortable would be inaccurate, but it’s rather a minimalist.

Button wise, the Sensei keeps things simple but uses smart placement to its advantage. Users have access to eight programmable buttons while most will probably use only six of them. In addition to a left and right mouse button, the Sensei control a clickable scroll wheel, a dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjustment button beneath it and 4 thumb buttons, two on each side of the mouse.

Steelseries sensei- Features

The most important feature of a wireless mouse is how fine its wireless mode functions and the Sensei delivers. Users can also select from high-performance, balanced and power-saver modes for the Sensei, or personalize their own profile. This can determine how long the Sensei will last on an individual charge, as well as how responsive the mouse is for various games.

Players can assign commands to the 8 buttons, keystrokes, including mouse functions, macros and media controls. The y’ll also customize the Sensei’s illumination and set its DPI between 50 and a staggering 16,400.

Steelseries sensei- Performance

That the Sensei performs admirably in terms of responsiveness, precision and efficiency in both wired and wireless modes. Since wireless gaming mice have a (somewhat deserved) reputation for lag and spotty efficiency, the Sensei’s pitch-perfect performance is a boon whether it’s wired or roaming free.

The ability to change between dual DPI settings on the fly was helpful in “BioShock Infinite,” while the extra thumb buttons were excellent for grappling from point to point in “Arkham City” or casting frost bolts in “World of Warcraft.”


  • Superb, customizable performance.
  • Ambidextrous yet comfortable.
  • Programmable without a PC.
  • 3 individual LED zones in any color.
  • Excellent software.


  • Not quite as comfy as some right-handed mice.
  • Can accidentally press side buttons.
  • No adjustable weights or grips.
  • Some minor issues with the software install.
  • Main left button is a little hard to click.

Steelseries sensei- Verdict

The Sensei is really a top of the line gaming-grade mouse thanks to 3 factors: the high level of resolution, the ExactTech, and great configuration features. Sensei is one for the Best wireless gaming mice available. Users who cling close to their machines will probably be better off with a cheaper, wired mouse, but if you’re bringing your gaming PC into a living room, you should bring the Sensei along as well.


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