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WeCall – International Calling: Review And Features

WeCall – International Calling: Review And Features

Description of WeCall – International Calling Review

WeCall, The Best international phone and phone app app ever, helps you to call anytime, anywhere.

√ LOW-COST and FREE international calls to over 200 countries and territories, including India, China, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, Germany, UK, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, Thailand, France and etc.
√ Make cheap calls with high voice quality over 3G / 4G / WiFi
√ Turn your iPad / iTouch into a phone and call someone
√ Unlimited offers for you to receive FREE credit
√ Activate the display of your caller ID in detail
√ International calls with network connection available

【Why do you choose WeCall】

◆ Affordable and Free International Calls ◆
WeCall helps you to have unlimited cheap or free calls at home and abroad via a network connection. No need to pay expensive phone bills for international calls! Make calls to all mobile / landline numbers in over 200 countries. Your friends would know who is calling via the caller ID (call number on the call page).

◆ unlimited free credits for all ◆
We offer many different offers to receive FREE call credit. You can even receive call credit daily by viewing ads or completing simple tasks, and call your friends for FREE. New Call Recorder users will also receive FREE Call Credit after registering for a free trial call.

◆ Call without SIM card ◆
With our WeCall app, you can make calls without a SIM card installed in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

◆ High-quality voice ◆
WeCall transmits international calls over a high-quality VoIP network, ensuring high voice quality on both sides at low rates. Enjoy low-rate calls and high-quality service with WeCall App!

◆ Simple, fast and useful ◆
User-friendly control panel. Easy to call. Call family members or friends for FREE with a single tap! Invite your family and friends to use the WeCall app and start saving money now.

◆ Other Features in WeCall ◆
– Best phone call app without restrictions on call duration
– make calls without the need for a SIM card
– Available worldwide to help thousands of users make their daily calls
– Display the caller ID on the home page


NOW with WeCall – International calls and phone calls:

√ Low-cost / Free VoIP calls and international calls
√ High quality call voice over 3G / 4G / WiFi
√ Save money with cheaper call charges
√ Contact friends and family members at home and abroad easily

# You need an internet connection to make a call #

◉ Steps for a free outgoing call ◉

* 1) Open the WeCall app
* 2) Go to the Call page
* 3) Select the country code of your call destination
* 4) Enter the phone number and click Call

Or you can

* 1) Open the WeCall app
* 2) Go to the Contacts page
* 3) Select the contact you want to call
* 4) Click on the telephone button on the right
* 5) Check the number before dialing
* 6) Click Call

Access to your contacts is only temporary if you want to call people in the contacts.
We will NEVER collect sensitive or personal information.

If you have questions / problems / suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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