Cam Live Effects-iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Cam Live Effects-iPhone Review

Application shows live effects in the camera
– There are more than 20 live effects available with the camera
Camera can capture front and back photo
-Direct sharing with FACEBOOK and TWITTER
-Can share a photo by email.
-Can save the photo on the camera roll

– Take photos with multiple scenes (and no editing!) With a variety of effects.

– With this app, your photo can have a recording or dozens without complex editing or post processing. Choose an effect, take the photo, look on and move on to the next … Everything you need is right in this app.
– There is a wide range of transformation effects from replication, picture-in-picture, warping, zooming, animations and more. Dozens of color styles such as saturation, hue, and brightness control, to sophisticated edge detection, annealing, solarization, focus, and many special styles. There are also blurs, flickering, strobes, fades and animated particles. Finally, you can design the recording with a selection of classic, stylish and funny frames.

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