Can Apple's iPhone XS camera catch up with Google's Pixel?

As usual, the camera system is one of the most important features of the new iPhone. Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Apple, plays the same role as all iPhone ads, breaking camera technology and explaining improvements. This year, he declared that iPhone XS will have "the era of new photographs".

However, the era when Apple held greater lead than all Android makers has disappeared long ago. Competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus and Huawei's P 20 Pro, the iPhone 8 and X have excellent cameras, but the innovative approach to computed photography by the Pixel line is that it is their thing It is difficult to prove Better. Can iPhone XS keep up with it?

The biggest hardware upgrade this year is a new 12 megapixel large sensor. Last year, Apple said that the 8 and X sensors are "bigger" than 7, but disassembly revealed that it is not really the case. The field of view and focal length of the lens have not changed. However, although Apple recently raised the pixel size increase, this should actually make a difference.

The main cameras of iPhone XS have 1.4 micron pixels, 1.22 microns on iPhone X, and pixels on Google Pixel 2. The larger the pixel, the more important is the ability to collect light. Photo. This is the first time that Apple has …

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Can Apple's iPhone XS camera catch up with Google's Pixel?

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