Cash for Steps: Review And Features

Description of Cash for Steps Review

Starting today, you can earn real money with our app!

How do I get money?

1. Go
2. Every day the system selects five random users within the top 50 of yesterday and they each receive $ 1.
3. Earn money for your Cash for Steps wallet
4. withdraw money

Earn points by completing simple tasks such as sharing the app.

Get $ 1 every day!

You do not have to keep the app running to track your progress. Open at least once a day to sync your stats.

You are tired to run but want more points? This is the right time to open the "Offers" tab to learn how to increase your score!

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please contact We reserve the right to close any account we deem fraudulent (we do not support jailbroken devices).

Disclaimer – The money and gift cards disbursed in this app are in no way affiliated with Apple. The gift card shipping is also not affiliated with Apple.

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