CD Projekt Red pledges to constantly improve Gwent

Gwent's flaws are not going unnoticed

CD Developer Projekt Red is committed to continually improving Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Co-CEO Marcin Iwiński and the rest of the studio's developers recently presented their six-month plan to improve the game for its official release later this year.

The six-month period is referred to as "Homecoming", which will begin with the addition of premium cards and custom-themed faction cards in April. In May, a balance package arrives that aims to repair the ability to "create" the game, which was attacked to be mastered.

After that is the launch, which marks the beginning of the period "Throne Breaker". This is the launch of the solo campaign that will deliver a story of the Witcher Universe.

Here is an excerpt from their open letter:

"We want GWENT to give a serious kick and rekindle your passion for our beloved CCG.We would like to ask you for your trust and patience. We need six months of fully focused development to achieve what we have planned, aside from standard season transitions and events such as the Faction Challenges or the Warped Arena, we will only release two updates during this time. One in April – he will present the missing Premium cards as well as the factional-specific board skins – and one in May, which will balance the game (with the role play included) with a new approach of "Create." Six months, c & Is long, however, on the …

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