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As a business application, you must contact your company's CellCast administrator to set up your account and receive a registration code that gives you access to corporate content. The application will not let you access without this company registration code.

OnPoint Digital's CellCast solution is a mobile enterprise learning platform that enables companies to easily share training materials, performance support modules, and business communications with their employees, partners, and customers. After installation on the iPhone, an employee enters a company-provided registration code that automatically adapts their CellCast app to their organization's learning environment (for example, setup requirements, access restrictions, branding, encryption, single sign-on), and then activates their learning tasks are automatically synchronized with their device. Employees with an iPhone can keep their learning in sync with their other mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, and have an online learning environment where they can learn on any device at any time.

Supported content types include videos, podcasts, animated slide presentations, PDFs and ePUBs / eBooks, HTML-style courseware, SCORM content, and more with integrated testing and surveys. All results are traced back to a central learning database (requires a separate corporate license and hosting services as provided by OnPoint or our resellers / partners).

Additional features include support for social interactions through discussion boards, access to blogs / wikis, user-generated content, and new gamification features to make learning more interesting and interesting.

If you want to test the app with sample content, you must create a user account by going to this URL:


And create an account. A registration code will be sent to you by e-mail.

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