Check out this new game "The Good Life" by Swery

The eccentric developer recently demoed his own game

Last month, a Kickstarter campaign for "The Good Life", an open-world action-adventure RPG, was launched and the main developer of game, Hidetaka Suehiro Swery65 "), demoed the game recently.You can see the demo in the YouTube video below!

The Good Life talks about a New York photographer named Naomi who has to move into a small English city known as Rainy Woods in order to pay off a debt she owes .To do this, Naomi must work by taking pictures from which she can withdraw money. "Naomi will also have to report on the city's activities for a New York-based newspaper company called "Morning Bell."

Throughout the video, Suehiro explains how the game's photography system works. Naomi can earn an income if she publishes photos on an app website elé "Flamingo" The photos that the users of the site will have "appreciated" will reward Naomi with money that she will be able to put at her disposal. You can take pictures of an object or a random person in the game and post them on Flamingo for tastes.

However, if players want to have a better chance of making more money, they will have to check Flamingo. "Hashtags" are trendy, then take a picture of this popular topic.

Suehiro also showed some of the sidequests that players can undertake in The Good Life during his demo. money by completing sidepos, Suehiro …

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