China plans to crack down street business after the customer dies

Driver using Chinese application Didi.

China will inspect all on-site passenger transport services after two passengers died in the last two months.

According to Reuters, China Transportation Ministry announced Friday, full inspection will begin on September 5. Mr. Daudi killed 20-year-old passenger this month. Another passenger was told that in May May Didi driver killed him. After the last murder, Didi stopped his hitch service.

Mobile companies all over the world had to cope with the crime committed by the driver. In the United States, Uber and Lyft were monitored for sexual harassment and assault.

Over the past four years, 103 Uber and 18 Lyft drivers, Passenger who was sexually assaultedAccording to the CNN survey in May, the case included rape, forced contact, or passenger kidnapping. Of this group, 31 Uber drivers and 4 Lyft drivers were convicted.

Companies recognized the problem and said they are working to make the service safer.

Mr. Didy is satisfied with the next industry inspection department of the Ministry of Transportation, a spokeswoman for Didi said in an e-mail. "We will cooperate fully with the authorities, carry out comprehensive security reforms and fulfill our responsibility to provide people's safe driving experience."

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China plans to crack down street business after the customer dies

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