Chrome provides web fingerprint login to MacBook Pro and Android devices

Fingerprint detection on Google's Pixel mobile phone.

Another use of fingerprint sensor With your MacBook Pro Or Android phone: With the help of the Chrome web browser, you can easily connect with a password to websites and web applications with a password. According to Google's official blog, fingerprint authentication is enabled by default on Android and MacOS. (Words are not yet on Windows laptops and iOS devices)

Fingerprint scans can be used as an easy way to enter passwords or as an additional layer of security. Two-factor authentication.

Chrome - Fingerprint - webauth

Google shared this image on the Chrome 70 beta blog.

Google seems to be focusing on digitizing fingerprints for the web recently. Last year, he added a fingerprint scan to Chrome's operating system, Chrome OS is different from Google's Chrome web browser, but neither is an Internet browser even if the Chromebook does not have a fingerprint sensor. This month, the Chrome OS code was found by referring to fingerprint detection as "Empowering Preparation Experience."

This could mean that a fingerprint scanner will be installed on future Chromebooks. Interestingly, it happens at about the same time as we heard Next rumored about Pixelbook 2 And New Chrome OS tablet.

and it is We invited you to a hardware event on October 9th. We are mainly waiting New Pixel phoneHowever, even in last year's Google hardware event, Google Pixelbook Convertible laptop.

According to Google Calendar, Chrome 70 will be released in beta version in mid-October.

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Chrome provides web fingerprint login to MacBook Pro and Android devices

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