Coinbase plot which becomes cryptic value of the New York Stock Exchange – News

The future of Coinbase It looks like a New York Stock Exchange. This is CEO's Brian Armstrong interviewed on the stage in San Francisco's Disrupt.

Coinbase is known to be the most popular exchange for converting trusted currencies to cryptics – most of the most important exchanges are cryptographically cryptic, but it hosts increasingly more encryption currencies I am planning the future. Companies need to create their own tokens alongside actions as alternative investment systems.

Companies with ceiling tables make sense to have their own tokens. Each open source project, each charity, potentially each fund or these new type of distributed organization [and] Each application has its own chip, "Armstrong says.

"We want people to come and take believers' money and become an entrance all over the world, available in various cryptographic currencies," he added.

According to Armstrong, this symbolic future can show that Coinbase hosts hundreds of chips in a few years, and in the future hosts millions of chips. This is a major step forward for the five currently supported encryption currencies and is far more important than a financial institution such as the New York Stock Exchange that Coinbase investors actually enter Bitcoin and NASDAQ.

One of the essential elements for achieving this vision, of course, is regulation. This week Disrupt, <a …

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Coinbase plot which becomes cryptic value of the New York Stock Exchange - News

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