Compare the iPhone XS and iPhone XR versus the size of other iPhones with this printable guide


The iPhone has many possible screen sizes. AppleInsider accurately displays the sizes of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and compares it with other recent models.

You were doing this conversation. We had this conversation. I am sorry that the iPhone SE is small, not as small as the iPhone. Unless you actually compare iPhone SE and exle's iPhone X, the difference is amazing. On this big screen of iPhone X, the case is not much bigger than the SE iPhone.

That is something you have to see to have a good feeling. It is something you need to know before purchasing.

So, here AppleInsider iPhone size guide. I included iPhone SE and iPhone X for comparison, otherwise all current iPhone models are included.

There are full size photos of each model in PDF, and you can print for comparison. Please download the following embedded PDF or download from AppleInsider Please print directly and print. Since the characteristics of the printer and driver are somewhat different, there is a scale on every page that needs to be measured after printing. It scales accordingly.

The cover page has nine covered iPhone guides. The size is just 50% graph.

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Hope you like the news Compare the iPhone XS and iPhone XR versus the size of other iPhones with this printable guide. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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