Computer Glasses Provide you With Total Eye Comfort

On average people spend more than 10 hours a day in front of their computer screens. This is a long time and can cause eye strain and other eye complications. Computer glasses are designed with your eyes in mind to give you the protection you need so you can spend more time staring at digital screens without worrying of eye damage or even migraine.

If you take a moment to examine the lives of people today; you will notice that our lives have become completely dependent on Smartphones, computers, and tablets. Operating these gadgets for a long time will often result in the eyes becoming irritated throughout the day.

Computer pixel glasses are clear and will definitely provide unparalleled protection as you work on your computer. The use of the right technology is the reason behind the clear and effective lens in it. A good computer glass should be able to filter about 50% of the blue light sans the yellow tint commonly found in some glasses. You should also go for the one that filters up to 95% of the strongest wavelengths to minimize any possible chances of eye damage.

Computer glasses employ combined latest technologies such as nanotechnology which ensures the outer layer does not have any smudges while repelling water and dust. Thus there is no need to constantly remove the glasses to wipe and clean. There is also the premium anti-reflective coating which eliminates computer glare and reduces eye tensions and stress.

Computer Glasses Prevent Digital Eye Strain Caused By Blue Light

Most of us spend a considerable time of time in front of a computer screen. In fact, the Vision Council estimates that almost 70% of Americans will experience digital eye strain at some point in their lives due to prolonged use of the electronic device. Computer screens emit blue light and our eyes are not designed to be exposed to such light. It has many damaging effects such as fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. Exposure to this blue light can even cause a lack of quality sleep since it disrupts the release of melatonin.

Blue light has high frequency and short wavelengths and it is also referred to as high energy visible light. Extended exposure has been proven to damage the retina which is responsible for detecting color and light intensity. In extreme cases, serious complications such as cataracts and macular degeneration may result.

The blue light tricks your eyes to think that it is daytime when it is actually night time. Thus as your eyes struggle to adjust to the light, falling asleep becomes more difficult and can often result in depression and obesity. Therefore, if you want to avoid all these complications then go out shopping for the best computer glasses so that you can block harmful rays and enjoy a good night sleep.

How Computer Glasses Work

You have probably seen people wearing glasses for different purposes. However, you need to know the exact situation needed for certain types of glasses. Computer glasses are specifically designed to minimize the possible eye strain associated with working on a computer screen. Do not feel accustomed to the idea that it is normal for your eyes to feel tired and irritated after a long workday. If left unchecked things often escalate to more serious vision-related problems.

There are two main features of these glasses that provide eye protection. The anti-reflective coating helps to reduce the glare that bounces off the screen. Another feature is the glass color tinting which increases the screen’s contrast without being too harsh on your eyes.

Features of the Pixel Full Lenses

  • Eliminate glare which is responsible for causing migraines and headaches.
  • Resist scratches so that you are assured of a long shelf life.
  • Resists fingerprint and smudges so you do not have to constantly wipe to continue enjoying clarity.
  • Repels dust and particles even when you are working in an environment that is prone to these factors.
  • Block blue light which is a damaging light especially to the retina since the human eye is not designed to be exposed to such light

The Main Types of Lenses in the Market

The recommended distance between the computer’s screen and your eyes is 20 to 26 inches. However, eyes are unique so consider these several different lenses that are often offered when purchasing glasses:

  • Single vision computer glasses:  this is the most common type of lens you will find and it is aimed at reducing the risks of blurred vision and eye strain. A clear view makes it possible to avoid bad posture which is also a common issue among many computer users. Any age group can use these lenses.
  • Occupational progressive lenses:  these lenses are multifocal and will provide you with a larger and more comfortable vision. The correct distance vision. However, they are not recommended for long distance tasks.
  • Occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses: the main advantage of these lenses so that you can customize them according to your specific computing needs. They also offer a higher zone for different visions compared to the other lenses.


Working on the computer for long hours can be a tiring experience especially if you complain of eyestrain and blurred vision. This is hardly enjoyable and can even affect the quality of your work. Computer glasses enable you to stare at the computer screen or any other electronic screen for longer periods without having to worry about damaging effects on the eyes.

Sometimes you might have noticed that you need to move closer to the screen or use your reading glasses to read what is on the screen better. This may even add additional strain on your eyes and is a clear indication that you need computer glasses.

Your optometrist may be the right person to help you find a suitable pair of glasses for your home and office use. You might be just the right candidate.

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