Congressman says that serious crimes pose a threat to national security

Congressmen sent a letter to Daniel Court of the State Intelligence Agency asking what the threat is to democracy.

Deepfakes is a deep concern for Congress.

Three representatives want to know what US intelligence agencies are doing to deal with "deeply digging" video using artificial intelligence to create realistic clip and person images. After people inserted it using it, technology became infamous Reddit porn video celebrity face.

In this letter signed by Florida Democrat Stefanie Murphy and Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Cervelo, a bipartisan group asked Dan Coats' s Director of State Information. Stop counterfeiting machine tools due to national security concerns.

"You warned us about misinformation information campaigns and other efforts in our elections to exacerbate the political and social divisions in our society in order to weaken our nation "We are deeply concerned that malicious foreign players will soon develop deep dummy technologies," he said.

As the nation-state continues to spread, this letter will arrive Misunderstanding regarding social media – Whether to go via …

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Congressman says that serious crimes pose a threat to national security

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