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What is Contentmart?

Contentmart is an online global content marketplace based out of India. Over the years, it has been able to accommodate both customers and content creators from all over the world. Digital marketing and online business are on the rise lately and this has created a high demand for content, resulting in a significant increase in the number of content writing sites. But not all of these sites have what it takes to be a good content writing service provider and Contentmart has proven itself on that. Just to outline a few things that make Contentmart different for other service providers, here am going to focus on full

Contentmart Review

Since its inauguration, Contentmart has accommodated over 50,000 content writers, 20,000 potential customers and already has successfully completed 25,496 orders. This will be enough to prove that Contentmart has expressed the highest level of commitment when it comes to content writing. With Contentmart you get access to these thousands of writers, who will be available at all time to cater to your content writing needs. You can hire a freelance content writer during the time that is convenient for you.

Contentmart is fully registered and licensed content writing agency, and it has partnered with the best and top companies such as;

  • Your Story
  • The Economics Times
  • H&R Block
  • Practo
  • Aviva

Contentmart For Clients

Outsourcing your content with Contentmart can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. With Contentmart, you get access to experienced writers, get a chance to review their portfolio so you are sure about hiring the best freelance writer and you get a 100% refund if the content does not meet your requirements. This has built a very strong bond of trust between Content art and its customers, you are guaranteed that whatever you are paying for is worth the money and time.\

How To Publish Your Order:

• Log in to your client account
• Click on new order
• Fill in your order descriptions and all details and special requirements if any
• Specify article quantity. For example, if you need more than one article specify the number required
• Specify a word count. Indicate the number of words each article should have
• Specify the category of writing
• Order expertise and language, then publish the order

Contentmart also has built-in checks for uniqueness so you can relax and be sure that you will be getting quality and unique content. These checks for uniqueness have closed the room for plagiarism and paraphrasing as the writers are obligated to create unique and quality content. This has ensured that all the clients get satisfied, and I guess this is the secret that has made Contentmart one of the best content writing service provider almost all over the globe.

One of the best things about Contentmart is that you get a free membership. There are no charges for the transaction you conduct while paying the writers you just pay them directly. As long as you are satisfied with the quality of the content and you approve the order results, Contentmart has automated payments that will release the order money automatically, so you do not have to go through the hustle of transferring money from your Contentmart wallet to the writer’s wallet. But this happens if only you are happy with the order results. In case you feel the content needs to be edited, you can send it back to the writer for editing and if you are not pleased with the content at all you just cancel the order. You get your money back, and then you can resign the order to a different writer.

Not to mention, Contentmart has the best customer support. You can in if you have any issues regarding your Contentmart account or you can send an email. Their customer support team is readily available and willing to help at all times. Neither you have to wait for days or hours for their reply, nor you have to call them several times to get a resolution to your issue. The customer support is very friendly and always helping. Or you can also get help through the Contentmart FAQ’s on their website, there you get answers to commonly asked questions.

Contentmart For Writers

With Contentmart you get access to thousands of potential content seekers from all parts of the world. As long as you create a detailed profile and upload your work samples, it is easy for clients to review your profile and hire you. If you work extra hard and get the Contentmart verified title, it becomes even easier to get hired and earn good money.

How To Bid On Orders

Click on order and carefully read through the order requirements paying close attention to all the details. In case, the order contains an attachment to make sure you open and read all the requirements. If all the details are clear & you are satisfied with the information provided click ‘bid on order’ give your offer descriptions, give your price quote and deadline suggestions and click on ‘leave an offer.’ Your bid is now visible to the client, and they will award you the order if your profile suits their requirements.

Contentmart Affiliate Program

There is a Contentmart referral program where you earn 10% commission when you refer a client to Contentmart. You will be getting the commission every time the client posts and an order for one year. Note that the commission is applicable only when you refer a client not a writer.

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